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Friday, December 9, 2011

The work of our Congress

When an Executive Agency is so out of control that it must become the work of the US Congress to pass a bill to thwart that Agency from fining Americans for dust on a dirt road, you recognize the problem, yes?

But wait, it's worse.

This is the fault of Congress in the first place.  Why?  Because Congress writes laws in an intentionally vague manner so that they can't be blamed when over-zealous tyrants want to fine you for dust on a dirt road.  They leave to the bureaucrats the details of implemetation.

Everyone is guilty in our Government.  From the Congress that voted in the original law that permits EPA to latitutde to do its work, to the EPA personnel that fail to curb their unconstitutional acts, to the Executive, to whom EPA reports...to those who voted for these idiots and those who have not yet forced their eviction (you & me).

There comes a time when the only two choices remain are to empty the building to the foundation and original walls, to burning it all to the ground.

I prefer taking her down to the bones: The Constitution as ratified.

Here's the story.


Here's the story.

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