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Monday, January 9, 2012

Blogs & Bloggers

We have a new blog, folks: Mountain Guerrilla, here.

I found it over at AP's place.

I've added it to the blogroll on the right, with several others. 

If you have a III/Patriot/serious 2A blog and you don't see it in the blogroll, let me know.

Read this post about a gal in an alley who meets two LEO in NV Goggles, cammies and vests...as they were staking out the local pub.

Simple reality, folks: The only way the oppressions of LEO and Enemies of Liberty will be eradicated in your AO is you.  You want proof?  You have done nothing and LEO rules your AO.

Until you do something, that reality will obtain.  I'm not pointing fingers - LEO dominates my AO, too.  And they will continue to do so until Patriots change the reality on the ground.  The average Citizen will not help you.  In fact, most will See Something and Say Something, so watch your six.

Start small by adding your voice to the blogs that speak your language.  Help us be louder.  Read our blogs, even the ones you don't agree with all the time.  It helps our collective volume. (oops, I said collective...)

Then, print off a batch of III stickers and saturate your AO with them.  The rattlesnake rattles before he bites, you should too.

Good job to Mountain Guerrilla, the site looks good.  It's here.


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