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Sunday, January 15, 2012


That rifle is a Fulton Armory M-14 in .308 - it is one sweet piece.

As you know I have been investing considerable energy recently into efforts that will grow our community, and find our natural allies.

I have an idea that I think may help us reach deeply into the general gun community: What if we publish a book that is a compilation of reviews, written by our readers and bloggers?

For instance, we could focus on rifles that have value in a SHTF scenario.  All of you have experience with the rifles in your safe/cabinet.  Could you - would you - write a review or two of your favorite?  You could write about its strengths and weaknesses, shoot pics of range results, talk about add-on accessories, et cetera.  Just think of every gun article you've read in gun magazines.

Don't worry if you are self-conscious about your writing skills, we have editors that can polish it up.

What we'd end up with is a book written by Patriots, with honest reviews about gear used by Patriots, that would hold interest for the entire gun community.  Of course in the book we'd brand the III and our III blogs.  The book would be a trade paperback - softcover, so it would be very much like a magazine.

What do you think?  Would such a project be a good recruiting tool?  Would you contribute?



  1. I have a few reviews of boomsticks and gear at my place, but I don't think my "style," or lack there of, is what you are looking for.

    Feel free to use anything you want.

    It don't cost nuthin'...but keep in mind I ain't no Mas Ayoob.

    I'm much prettier, and I don't expect you to make me feel "comfortable."

  2. Great idea!

    Yes, I am all in. Maybe a pool of weapons, from which any practical experience we have could be written and submitted.


  3. I love your style, and I'd hate to put out a politically correct product that doesn't show our...shall we say irreverent...style. ;)

    I think part of our credibility in the larger community will come from the fact that we say what we think, and F 'em if they can't take a joke.

    Your Mopar piece had me grinning for an hour. ;)


  4. ...and your George Washington bit: Americans, we'll kill you in your sleep on Christmas is just f'n priceless. ;)



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