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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


If 10% of the South-of-the-Border folks, located within 10 miles of your home or office, shouted La Raza! tomorrow and took to the streets, do you have it under control?

What if it wasn't 10% of La Raza...

...what if it was 10% of your locally indigenous FSA population...supported by your local, state and FedGov...

...would you be ok then? Would you be able to get to and from work? Would you have enough stuff to survive 90 days without leaving the house, including keeping your lights and water turned on? Including keeping your stuff from tweeting mobs of Bad People? What if those Bad People were supported by militant LEO? Could you didi? Would you have anywhere to go?

Just 10% of any group dedicated to murdering Liberty...



  1. Why didi? We are going to need these "tools" to start something, Lord knows the 3 percent won't step up until it's life or death... and maybe not even then.

  2. The only thing it takes to solve these and many problems is for good people to do something. Who's first?

  3. Man, I live in Kalifornia - if only 1% of the SOB folks did that, I'm screwed.


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