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Thursday, January 5, 2012

DHS Checking Papers in Florida

DHS set up an ID checkpoint at a Social Security office in Florida.

They demanded papers from Citizens.

Do you have any doubt what would have happened if a Citizen had refused to comply?

If you intend to live in Liberty, our options and timeline are reducing in sync.

Please consider: Where is the FreeFor communications system flashing this intel, real time, to our community?  Screw secure comms - hide in plain sight by using twitter and social media.  @Kerodin

Goose and Gander: We can do See Something, Say Something, too.

Here's the story from InfoWars.



  1. Suggestion: There are enough blogs that are already up and runnning and are checked on to get fairly close to 'real time' notification out. From there, community members can use their own call trees to notify folks in their own AO.

    It works in this one.

    Something else: Astute members can analyze these news releases for useful EEFI (Essential Elements of Friendly Information) that can be used to construct a much clearer picture when combined with other EEFI.

    "From their own mouths..."

    Just some ideas...

  2. Meagainmargaret is the types that we will never ever reach. Her comments Make me wanna puke,to put it mildly! And she's one of the millions that WILL see/say something.

    And they're every f-in where all around us...


  3. Here's her opening line: Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. I’d be glad to show them my I.D. if it means they’re working to get rid of people who do not support American values and laws.

    You are right, Chris. She represents the vast majority, and she will happily drop a dime...and she'll probably go out of her way to be a good little helper as she actively looks in on her neighbors and co-workers. (Probably even family).

    When "it" happens, I hope everyone understands that these people are the ones who must be shown the exit, because they are the people that give the Bad People power, resources, infrastructure.

    They've all got to go.


  4. WTF? I can think of no earthly reason why a government goon should be stationed outside a Social Security office all kitted up with body armor, chest rig, and an M4.

    They expecting the senior citizens to riot and pummel the office staff with their walkers?

    I don't know that I could have controlled myself had I witnessed this event in person.

    I feel like I'm slipping back into my dark place again.

    For reals...

  5. I think DHS is trying to build confidence amongst their own. It is only a step above controlled practice, policing the infirm and elderly. Lord only knows there is little reason to do so.

    They will expand, they are only starting easy and slow.


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