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Monday, January 23, 2012

If I hear once more about the next President choosing Justices...

We must choose Newt, or even Mitt, because any R will choose better Justices for the Supreme Court.

I hear this pablum far too often from people who try to justify voting for anyone but President Obama.

So, I ask: What does it matter who is appointed to the Court, for they abjectly refuse to abide the Constitution. Even the so-called Conservatives on the Court will not rule on the plain language of 2A, and they refuse to recognize any respect whatsoever for 4A.

So, if it doesn't matter who ends up on the Court, what does it matter who is in the White House?

At least with Obama we know what he wants and where he is going. I would add that his re-election will hasten implosion and open the door for a reset. Mitt & Newt? A slightly slower trip over the cliff...

Do you have any respect for the current Court? Do you feel obligated to abide their rulings?

If they rule ObamaCare is Constitutional, the ruling will not make it so.

When they rule 2A has limits, the rulings will not make it so.

Unconstitutional laws bear no moral force.

Let it burn...


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  1. There was the recent deal about covert GPS monitoring being a search, but do I trust them? Nope.

    I still can't figure out how they suddenly managed to unanimously get it exactly right on that case though (I haven't read the opinion yet, maybe that's where the stupid is hiding). It confuses me when douchebags act less douchy - makes me think something is up.


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