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Friday, January 13, 2012

III Business Cards

UPDATE: We've ordered the cards and will have them in a few days.  I've added a buy button on the right side.  Postage is included, folks.  There are 2 options - 100 or 300 cards.  America527 makes a few bucks per order and it will go into our radio ad buy.

Thank you all.


Business cards - please weigh in.

Remember that our first impression must convey the essence of our position without raising stereotypical alarms.

I have not yet changed the links at America527.org - but I will only be listing blogs from our community that do us the courtesy of listing us in return.  If you look at the blogs I have listed on this blog, for instance, there are many who have not bothered to reciprocate - they will be removed in short order.

These business cards can be left in small stacks at gun shops, gun show booths, tea party meetings, and handed out at all of those places, as well as to anyone who seems to "get it" as you live your life.  Please tell me what you think.



  1. I like them as they are. Nice work Sam.

  2. Okay, I like that, seeing the back clarifies what we are about.


  3. Thanks Miss Violet. I also added you to the blogroll - sorry I hadn't done it yet. I'll also add you at IIIPercent and America527 when I update them in the next few days.

    Thanks, Rich. Any takers on the homesteading post?


  4. no response yet to the homesteading post. Someone may have gone to the casting site directly.

  5. Linking to America527.org



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