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Friday, January 27, 2012

III Gear & SHTF Project Update

III Gear: While I was out yesterday our cards came into the shop.

That means we have everything in from vendors, and all orders that have been sitting will be put together this weekend and shipped Monday.

If you've been thinking about an order, this would be the time to do it, and it'll be in the mail Monday.

III Radio Fundraiser: You'll notice the total isn't climbing as fast as we'd like. If you can throw a few bucks toward the radio buy, click the button. As we grow, we get stronger. Consider it PT for the Movement.

SHTF Project: We have many columns already in the can, thank you to everyone who has submitted and who has committed to the project. At the moment we have 8 very big names in the Gun & Gear world participating, with several more in discussions.

Please keep them coming. If you have written the Premise Piece (About what gun/guns you would grab in an unknown emergency) and you'd just like to submit a column on another firearm or piece of gear you rely on in tough circumstances, please do so.

I still have not had the chance to even invite everyone - if you are a blogger in our community, you are invited. If you are a reader of our blogs, you are invited. Don't wait for me, and please don't feel snubbed if I haven't written you personally yet. Just write your piece, snap a few pics, and send it to me.


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