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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

III Gear stuff

Update: Shirts are in, and they look good. They are 100% Cotton, so we are going to wash up one of the XL's and see if it approaches a fit for the ladies. Sorry, I haven't made a second order yet of smaller sizes, I wanted to do a quality check before going further.
Once the cards arrive we'll be packing and sending.
Shirts and business cards are going to be in my shop this afternoon, according to FedEx - so the final batch of orders will be going out over the next few days.
Starting Monday I am going to raise the contribution for Patches from $10 to $20 - so if you have been thinking about a patch and can't swing the $20, get your order in. I'm not looking to gouge, but the 527 simply isn't making any forward gain in the bank account with the current price structure. Stickers will probably go up as well - the amount of effort and back-end cost for a $2-3 profit on an item (to the 527) isn't worth it.

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