Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Friday, January 13, 2012


We have published a book.

We have a solid web presence, that is our modern version of pamphleteering.

We have a modern Green Dragon Tavern, at WRSA.

We have stickers.

We have ordered business cards. (Order yours at right)

We have patches.

We have T-Shirts (See the post below from Rich T)

We have hats. (Talk to the folks at camotech.com where AP bought his caps)

We will have flags to fly.  (I am working on it)

We are going on the radio.

We will go to television with our message. (I am working with Comcast right now)

We are building a serious political organization, Patriots.  This is how it is done.  We find common ground, we stand by our principles, we rattle our warning and let the world know we are serious and we point our bayonets at the Enemies of Liberty.  Bill and a group of serious Patriots are meeting right now and all weekend in Texas.  TL's event is still building for the spring.

Make no mistake.  I have no interest in building a political party like the D's and R's.  I have chosen to stand up and stand with you because Jefferson's Liberty is my birthright, I have never willingly surrendered it, and I refuse to let Enemies of Liberty steal it from me.  I will have your back, and I hope you will have mine.

Over the coming months I hope we can all begin to form serious cohesion around Trainer's concept of an attack against any of us is an attack against us all.

We are the III.  I think of us as Patriots who would stand with the original III on the Green with John Parker.  I think of us as the Sons of Liberty.

I intend to go in harm's way, if I must, to ensure Liberty does not die while I am alive.

These things we are doing today - the advertising and making our presence known - is the rattle of the snake.  You and I are not hollow heroes.  The III is not about idle words and lines in the sand that will not be defended.  I refuse to stand with such cowards.  I refuse to do work that is nothing more than bluster.  I refuse to waste my time.

We are warning the Enemies of Liberty, right now.

What we, the III Percent Patriots, do tomorrow...is up to them.



  1. Patch came into today. Thanks Sam.

  2. I see the cards to order, but not the stickers.

  3. By God,I stand with you Sir.
    Bill Fletcher

  4. Brock: I built a template so people could print out the stickers from their own printers, here: http://iiipercent.blogspot.com/2012/01/iii-stickers.html

    If America527 does it, we'll have to charge about $.50 per sticker to cover all costs (labels/ink/envelopes/postage).

    I'm open to it, do you think we should offer to sell them instead of just offering the templates? I just don't want people to think we're price gouging.


  5. The cost to buy the avery labels looks to be about $56 that I would need to spend for 1 sticker. I would pay $5 for 3 or 4 of them. Don't forget, we have start-up costs too :)

  6. Ranger - that's a good idea. My head was on quantities of 50+. We can certainly bring the quantities down to make it in to $5 range. Thanks for bringing me into the proper paradigm.


  7. I think the stickers should be a template. You know where you want to put them. You can adjust the size of the sticker for the mission.

    I stand by all my brothers & sisters in liberty.

    Sam, thank you for taking the point in many of these things. You are an inspiration to many of us.


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