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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Obama bypasses Senate to fill labor board posts

UPDATE: I did some research.  CFPB is a stand-alone bureau financed by the Federal Reserve, so Congress has no oversight of their budget.  Welcome to unsupervised Government. ~ K

Establishment R's say they are pissed about the recess appointments, and that the President is ignoring the Constitutional demands of Advise & Consent.

The Courts will probably punt, claiming it is a political problem (according to Judge Napolitano).

Let's see if the R's in the House find their mettle and de-fund the agencies involved.

Here's the AP piece.



  1. I left this comment on the Speaker, I doubt it will pass the approval and post. Anyho, felt good to type it.

    Again and again you have cowered away from any type of engagement against obama and his likes. It seems the only thing you can do is shed crocodile tears, whine like a bitch and give them what they want.

    Grow a pair of nuts and stand up for the Constitution and what you were elected to do. If you can't resign because you are worthless.

  2. Rich T: Boehner is truly worthless. But never forget he is in Congress due to the brain-dead Ohioans who have reelected this pussy time & time again.



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