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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oleg & Israel

The Tavor is from Israel, and I have to admit the bullpup design is slowly growing on me.

The Kel Tec KSG 12 gauge bullpup puts the best home defense load into a package that is far more suited to home defense than traditional shotguns. Time will tell if the KSG is mechanically sound, but I don't think it'll be long before other manufacturers follow them into the bullpup realm.

Here's the link to Oleg and the Tavor. The Israeli's score another winning design.



  1. I've been looking at a bullpup stock for my sks for quite a while now...

    Decisions, decisions.


  2. I've never been a fan of bullpup rifles. FAMAS, AUGs, it doesn't matter, I just don't dig them. As I told a friend's wife tonight, I'll run one, and well, if it's what I've got, but it'll never be my first choice.
    The new Kel-Tec shotgun though? That thing's so sexy I get aroused just thinking about it. I agree 100% Kerodin, it's about the ideal home defense scattergun, at least conceptually.

  3. I find them handy and fast handling. Still not ready to take the plunge tho.

  4. Love the AUG but I still can't rap my mind around the style of bullpup. I've only shot one it performed perfect but I just don't know.


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