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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PMC Force Multipliers

The business of hiring professional fighters for off-the-books ops is a topic with which I am familiar, and that's about all I have to say about that...

Here's what you need to know: Men and women who know how to use violence to acheive goals have always been here, and they will always remain.  The men, buinesses, governments that will contract such people do not care about your civil rights.  Indeed, it is probably your silly notion of civil rights, natural rights, constitutional rights, et cetera, that have brought them to the point of hiring mercenaries in the first place.

The Bad People have a goal, and if they take the decision to reach that goal, they will first use law, then force of law, and ultimately, if such civilized measures fail, they will simply hire men and women of violence to come and make you change your mind, change your place of residence, or change you to room temperature.

Right now the Bad People in the US Government, allied with Banksters and other Bad People, are preparing to unleash Hell upon those of us who have silly notions about Natural Rights and such.

They have passed many laws that put you in jeopardy.  They have militarized their police forces (color of law).  They have trained their war fighters in actual combat around the world.  And they are awarding lucrative contracts to mercenaries so that they, too, can hone their skills.  Sure, no worries, Americans.  It's only to fight the evil Drug Lords.

If you do not understand that the ground is being prepared to subjugate and/or kill you, I can't help you.

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