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Saturday, January 14, 2012

President Obama is a gift from the R's, not the D's...

For those who are willing to swallow their disgust and comply with the will of the Establishment to cast a vote for Mitt, because he is better than President Obama, just understand that you will be doing what the Establishment wants you to do.

You do remember and understand that we have a President Obama because of the Republican Establishment, don't you?  And I am not talking about the fact that they ran John McCain.

Think back a few more years, when Barack Obama was running for the US Senate and he faced Alan Keyes.

The Republican Establishment abandoned Alan Keyes, refused to give him even superficial support, because Alan Keyes (like Ron Paul) represented a genuine philosophical difference from not only the Establishment Left, but also the Establishment Right.

The Republicans abandoned Alan Keyes, and thus we earned Senator Barack Obama.

And then we earned President Obama.

The Republican Establishment will do exactly the same thing if Ron Paul wins the nomination.  They will abandon him, because so long as there is a President Obama, the Establishment will have a seat at the table.

And please do not waste any energy considering the influence a second-place Ron Paul will carry into the Republican Convention.  Sure, they may permit him to give a speech.  They may give lip service to a few of his ideas, in an attempt to bring your votes to Mitt.

I hope for anyone who hasn't yet learned the truth: The Establishment Republicans are Enemies of Liberty.  Lesser of evils?  Sure, maybe in the primaries.

But if Mitt Romeny is nominated, my position is simple: Let it all burn to the ground.

I will not vote for Mitt.  I can envision no difference in the next 4 years between a Mitt Presidency and another Obama Presidency, except perhaps the speed of Implosion.

As a recruiting drive for the III, such a turn of events can't be beaten.

Let it burn.



  1. Kerodin,

    I am very pleased to know that you and I share the same thoughts on this matter.

    I will likewise not vote for Romney.

    Let it burn.



  2. My ballot will be used to start the morning fire the day after it arrives in the mail.

  3. I was talking to a "conservative" family member today who said Ron Paul would be the best candidate if it weren't for his "dangerous foreign policy". So now, not going around making enemies is "dangerous"? Hmm. I've been living all wrong. Why am I not already dead?

  4. Unless Paul is on the ballot, I will have no reason to show up at the polling station. I have voted for the last time for anyone who supports big government.

    I will not give the appearance of legitimizing the looters ever again.

  5. I always thought it was a foregone conclusion that folks of are ilk don't vote lesser of two evils anyway. Even more so cause we waskily webels know it's the same evil(enemy) tier of the pyramid, divide-o-concur sock puppet..... I'm startn to ramble. Out!

  6. I will not vote for Romney.
    Let it burn.
    As a matter of fact, I might just vote for Ovomit, just to speed the process.

  7. I'll go with john Galt

  8. I will vote for Romney. Says he will repeal Obamacare.

  9. LOL, Anon 8.12- he 'says' he will repeal obambicare. Just like he's favors the Second Amendment.
    It's called 'lip service' and is used to fool the fools.

  10. I never realized the Alan Keyes v obama race for the Senate. Brings to mind the same circumstance several cycles ago when Lynn Swann-R (famous Pittsburgh Steeler) ran for governor of Pennsylvania against incumbent Dem, Fast Eddie Rendell. The state Republican Party refused to get behind Swann as Swann's values mirrored Alan Keyes' values.

    Thanks for awakening me re: Keyes v obama.


  11. RP or bust... Write-In if not on the ballot.

    Ted III
    Murphy, TX.


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