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Monday, January 23, 2012


UPDATE: We had a well-known reload company come at us for inclusion in the book - then they wanted our writer to pay for the gear.

I don't think so.

You want your gear reviewed? You want outstanding free exposure for your company and products...and then you want the writer to buy the equipment?


I've reached out to another reloading company on principle, folks. I'll let you know how it goes.



Folks - do we have any reloaders out there who are ready to step up to a turret press?



  1. Absolutely, I do not own a progressive re-loader, single stage and/or turret press is the only way (imo) to insure every single cartridge meets the test.
    What do you have in mind?


  2. I have a Lee single stage. Handloading .223 with a single stage is...well...tedious. ;-)

    More than ready to step up for my handgun calibers and my 5.56.

    What's up?


  3. I've been using a turret press for some thirty+ years now. It fits my needs and my style of loading. I load in batches. I clean fired cases and then I size them, all at once. Then they sit, waiting. When it's time I prime them, a hundred at a time, mostly. I do this on a hand priming tool, mostly while watching a movie on the TV. The fresh primed cases go into a covered coffee can or tupperware bowl.

    I charge my cases with a Lee powder through expander die, using a Lee Autodisc powder measure. I can epand the mouths and charge fifty cases in a matter of ten minutes and that includes weight checking every fifth round. seating and crimping is even faster.

    Rifle ammo, though, I still use my good old Forster Co-Ax single stage but then I do not shoot a semi auto. I tested a load for my .223 target/varmint rifle that would put a five shot group into a half inch at a hundred yards if I paid good attention to my wind flags and funamentals. The same load loaded on my turret press shot an inch or a little over. Now there is not a shooter alive (or dead) who could prove the accuracy difference with a handgun but with rifle ammo the difference is there and is measurable. Of course that was a rifle with a custom stock, trigger and varmint weight stainlees steel Dougles air guaged barrel, too. As well as an 8-32 power scope. I tried the same test with my .30-06 hunting rifle, a sporterised 1903A1 Springfield with the factory two groove barrel and 3-9 scope and could not prove the difference between the turret and the Co-Ax. I contend that the difference in the ammo is still there but the rifle and shooter are simply not up to the task of showing it. Still, I load the .30-06 on the Co-Ax. Since I KNOW the Co-Ax makes more accurate rifle ammo I stick with the Co-Ax because of the psychological boost. It must work, everything I've ever shot with it has died.

    I hope this is what you were looking for. My turret press is the Lee. I keep each set of dies in it's own turret so I do not have to fool around changing and adjusting dies.

  4. Turret press is pretty much all I use except for a rockchucker I keep for swagging.

    1. Pioneer
      I got kind of the same set up, rockchucker de-caps and flairs and the lee seats and crimps.

      I can run about 100 rounds an hour from raw cartridge
      to complete.


  5. Nothing solid yet, a reloading company may be interested in delivering a set-up to be reviewed in the book.

    Since I don't reload, I'll need to hand-off the equipment & task.

    I expect them to decide in the next few days.


    1. I already have a RCBS Turret and a rock chucker. Since I had the Rock Chucker first it is dedicated to the 5.56, and the turret to hand gun reloads, since we have varying caliber's in handguns. Simplicity on my part. Good luck on the search.


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