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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Remember the Truth

You already know the essential Truths of life in America today.
The ideals enshrined in the Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights are dead across the land, but for the hearts of a small number of Patriots.
You can not find a single of the first 10 Amendments that has not been rendered meaningless by evil people wielding the force of Government.
Liberty is already dead, as a tangible asset in America today.
Every story about Federal Judges who rule that you must surrender PGP keys, every story about new rules from ATF, every story about tax debates among the Political Class are all Sparklies, simply flashes of evidence regarding the Truth: Liberty is already dead.
They are intended to distract you.
Do not get caught up in the emotion of any given Sparklie.
Be aware and informed...
...but remember not to waste energy on the Sparklies, and focus instead on those impediments to breathing life back into Liberty. Let us be away with the people and the institutions that inhibit, infringe, and imperil Liberty, and we will be able to pass it on to our next generation.
Work every day on the fundamentals of defense, survival and essential aspects of the polygonal battlespace.
Beware the Sparklies.

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