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Saturday, January 21, 2012

SHTF Go Bag Project

OK folks, I built a website for the SHTF Project. The book cover (the image above) is only a working cover - the real cover will be built by a real graphic artist.
There are details about the project at the site. If you know a blogger or writer who would add a good column, feel free to send them to the site. If they are interested, we'll look at what they've got.
The title (SHTF Go Bag) is also just a working title, it'll probably change when we go to press. Suggestions are welcome.
Here is the site: www.SHTFGoBag.com


  1. Well done, brother.


  2. Thanks, AP. I have a lot of hope for this project to fill the coffers of the 527 - been getting great support and feedback from everyone, including you.



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