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Saturday, January 7, 2012


When the time comes, do not underestimate the value of old-school methods of confusing your enemies.

While LEO and any military folks in your AO will rely on GPS, many folks will not. 

Consider removing or switching road signs and house numbers in your AO.

It is a small thing.  But small things may earn you a moment, or a few seconds of indecision on the part of your enemies.

I hope I don't need to explain what damage can be done in a few seconds by a Patriot who is prepared and willing to take advantage of an indecisive enemy.

Think about these things.



  1. A pipe cutter will do wonders for quickly taking down those pesky street signs.

  2. Battery operated reciprocating saw ('sawzall' type) is what the local county uses to remove the angle iron steel posts used for signs in this AO.
    A friend is a 'traveling repairman' and has an oxy-acetylene torch in his truck... just thinking outside the box here.


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