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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wait for it...

Most of you know I am smaller than most men.  I never broke 125 pounds until I was in my 30's.  I can't bench press a truck...never even tried.  Since I was a kid I did have an over-active mouthy disposition, which, well, you can imagine how that turned out.

So I went into the martial arts at a young age, because shutting my mouth seemed to be off the table.  I became very good and I have earned paychecks from my skills.

Most people who decide to throw a fist at my head are bigger and stronger, many are faster, and these days, most are younger.  And yet, I still run my mouth.  Go figure.

Here is a simple premise, especially if you are going to get into a serious fight with someone.

If you have the chance, hit him with a Chevrolet.  Hard.  Twice.

If that fails and you've exhausted all of your stand-off options, please do not whine.  OK, so he's bigger, stronger, faster, younger, and probably even knows some of the things you know about where and how to hit people.  He may even be better looking.

You really only have one operational choice (assuming you've taken running away while screaming like a girl off the table): Let him attack.  In his attack he will present a soft spot.  You must identify that soft spot and then you must commit - hit it.  Hit it with everything you've got.  Hit it again and again and again.

You're outnumbered?  You're out-gunned?  You're out-manned?

Man up, hold your ground, and let him try to kill you.

Then, do it to him first.

But for the love of all things: Do not whine.

Here's more on the topic of whining.


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