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Monday, January 9, 2012

Why we are losing...

I have held the position for a long time that the Left wants it more.

A Lefty group is taking credit for having Pat kicked from MSNBC.

Who have we gotten fired?  Have we even tried?  I know, we use different tactics...but do we have any Wins to which we can point?  Personally I don't want to fight this kind of war.  What good would it do if we succeeded and got Rachel Maddow fired?

But the point is, they are winning, they have Wins, because they want it more.

Here's the story.

Unrelated issue: The final batch of patches and mailings went out this afternoon, so everyone should have their gear by the end of the week.  If your stuff doesn't come by Monday, please drop me an email. 

Also: NOTE TO ERNEST - Sir, thank you for your email.  I'm not ignoring you, I have tried to reply several times but my email keeps getting kicked back for some reason (even from my GMail account).  If you have a picture of what you discussed in the email and any design suggestions, I invite both.

Thank you to everyone who is helping in this fight for Liberty.  I owe some of you emails, I am working through the pile.  Sorry for the delay, I've been working on business matters that have taken more time than usual.

Stay safe, Patriots.



  1. That Green Jobs Czar guy whatever his name was. Oh ya Van Jones. He was pretty much forced to resign because of all the right wing scrutiny. A decent sized number of congresscritters and a Senator or two.

    Hoping for more this year.

    The fact is the more traditional minded conservatives and patriot types just don't pay attention to media talking heads to the point of complaining about them. A local radio station which caters to UMC students had a very liberal black female DJ on who made several bad remarks about the teaparty and she was canned inside of a month. Never to be seen again. I was one who sent a letter complaining and was told by the radio staff that there were 1000's more besides.

    It does happen.

  2. Thanks Pioneer - you are right. We do score a Win once in a while. Thanks for the reminder.

    Let's get more this year - sweeping Congress would make me very happy.


  3. Too many people on the right place too much faith in holding the moral high ground (the "we must never sink to their level" mindset). Holding the moral high ground often comes at the price of giving up the tactical high ground.


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