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Thursday, January 26, 2012


So, the US is being punked by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Well, it is more accurately the US President who is being punked.

But, the truth is that he is our President, so the stink gets on us, too.

Egypt is not allowing Americans to leave.

Your move, Mister President.

Let's see what you've got...

Here's the story.



  1. Accurate summary.

    He's tough on scrawny pirates, let's see what happens now...


  2. Screw sec.of trans. Ray Dahoods kid. Wait till daddy czar can't leave because we won't let him.

    He doesn't deserve to be be pushed out,just under.


  3. First Gov Brewer and now Egypt.
    He's not having a very good week is he?

  4. Reuters' article made it sound as if all of the NGO's were run by Democrats. Although they then went on to say, the NDI is "loosely affiliated with one of the two major political parties in Washington". That is media doublespeak for "operated solely by the Democratic Party". I'm too lazy to check, but would hardly be surprised to discover they are all funded by Soros.

    Great to see them get slapped around by their "friends" in Egypt.

  5. W.W.J.C.D.? What would Jimmy Carter Do?

  6. Echos of the embasssy hostages in Iran - too bad there isn't going to be a Ronald Reagan taking over after the current stumblebum is shown to the door.


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