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Friday, February 17, 2012

An astute and very possible scenario...

"If you see Romney lose Michigan, I think there is just going to be a cry for another candidate who is not Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum," said Jennifer Duffy, a political analyst at the non-partisan Cook Political Report.

Only the innately feeble, cowardly and corrupt Republican Establishment is capable of losing the Oval Office this cycle, and they are moving at full speed to do it. The field of candidates is a joke. I do not include Ron Paul, because all aspects of the Political Class will do whatever it takes to keep him out of the race. The media blackout on his campaign is, perhaps, the most blatant political manipulation I have seen in my lifetime.

Paul's one chance: A brokered Convention, Sarah takes point and selects Paul as her VP.

Could they avoid implosion?

No, not even if Congress goes R.

But would we have a better chance with those two in the White House during implosion?

Yes. Say what you will about Sarah, but I think she is savvy enough as a political animal that if she were in office during implosion, her instincts would be to slash and burn most of what is unconstitutional, especially with Ron Paul in her ear. Most of the public will be clamoring for "stability", but implosion will severely limit what FedGov will be able to do. They'll be able to keep our foreign enemies at bay, but domestically, they simply won't have much ability to make the problems go away.

I think Sarah and Ron Paul would ride the front edge of that avalanche toward smaller and much more Constitutional government.

This discussion, at this time, is a Sparklie. Many stars would have to align for such a scenario to even be possible.

But read the story and we'll come back to this if warranted in a few weeks.

Here's the link.



  1. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing SP and RP taking a chainsaw to Leviathan at this stage. Yes, it would have long lasting effects with the (soon to be, one way or another) Dis-enfranchised/Entitled class, but the long run would be a more stable, and more effective U.S.
    As Brock says, "Align away, Please"

  2. I think it would be a blast to watch SP & RP together. If nothing else all the heads exploding would be fun to watch

    1. It would be a fresh breeze through that stagnant swamp, to be sure.

  3. Sarah has a large following, and also her physical attractiveness (not the best thing to weigh on a candidate, but sex sells).

    Paul has the ideas to put into action.

    Both would make a great team.

  4. Mr. K,
    Damn, you write well ! It's amazing how every media entity has removed Dr. Paul from their reporting. In Maine there were caucus polls not counted in counties that were pro Paul. And we're supposed to trust the media and the Republican party ?
    Great essay.

  5. Sex sells perhaps. But how do you explain the nasty looking bull dyke Janet Napolitano being elected as both Attorney General and 21stthe governor of Arizona?

  6. Thanks, Dan. The Maine vote alone would have probably motivated a Revolution when we were a younger country.

    We have to get back to a country filled with such people.



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