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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big Brother: Better at 1984 than you think...

Remember the kid from Britain who was refused US entry based on his Tweet?

Now we have a businessman in Quebec who was nabbed for a text that he was going to "...blow away..." the competition at a trade show.

For those of you who dismiss FedGov's ability to watch and listen, perhaps it is time to calibrate your meter.

A random Tweet and a Text among co-workers becomes actionable intelligence, in a timely manner.

Sure, it can be defeated. It can be gamed.

But you underestimate their skillset at your peril.

Here's the article.



  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

    Some cash, some prepaid phones, some friends.

    What a fun time this could be.


  2. I bet they have fun reading the texts that come from my phone...



  3. Don't be too quick to give them that much credit. I've worked with those people and some systems, a cluster is definitely the rule, and there are very few exceptions.

    Read this, it captures the scale of the complexity and how unlikely it is, or ever will be that those systems will work (integrated together) well. There are just too many incompetent fools (I'm being kind) running them, and too many thieves and charlatans designing them. Anyone who has worked near DoD contracting and also worked in the private sector can attest to the contrast in effectiveness of IT capabilities:


  4. Twitter is a single point of communications that is highly cooperative with the government even when its not out in the open.

    Cellphones too are quite easy to monitor, that why governments love them.

    Its not indicative of excellent surveillance per se.

    Also given the people they did catch, doing nothing that doesn't bode well for them either. A lot of energy can easily be spent in the wrong areas making enemies for life from neutrals or supporters.

    However your advice is still gold.

    As they said back in the day Loose Lips Sink Ships


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