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Friday, February 3, 2012

Congress pushing for more domestic use of Drones...

The Department of Defense is pursuing its own domestic UAS activities for training purposes and “domestic operations,” according to a 2007 DoD-FAA memorandum of agreement.

There is a simple reason why the people in power are moving so rapidly to install a functioning Police State: They know the time is coming when their arses will be at risk from the mobs who will hold them responsible for the woes of the country. When the FSA misses a check, they will look at the Politicians first, and demand satisfaction. We know these folks won't hesitate to go to the homes of the people they despise, and the Political Class will be a despised class as soon as the checks and freebies are interrupted.

Take measures to avoid the stampeding herd, Patriots. And take measures now that will allow you to exploit the mayhem.

Here's the story about the drones.


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  1. This is truly not surprising. We all knew that these would be used on us. But the gloves do seem to be coming off.



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