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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dems looking to 2016 already

The D's are already looking into the party to find their 2016 candidate.

Their reasoning: If President Obama loses in November, they'll need someone who can pick up the pieces and move forward. If the President wins in November, he's a lame duck and the future of the party is not Joe Biden.

Why is Politico floating this story now?

Perhaps I am being overly cynical, but I am not willing to rule out that this story is nothing more than a distraction. I do not think all D's are certain we'll have a 2016 election. I'm not saying they are all part of a conspiracy to overthrow elections. But how many would like that outcome? And, how many have concluded privately that economic implosion is imminent? I'd say that both of those numbers are significant, given the mad rush to install the assets of the Police State.

The heavy hand of a Police State is needed to protect the Political Class when the State devolves into mayhem and Anarchy comes to pass, because local governance fails.

What are the Continuity of Government plans, I wonder. Does our current crop of politicians consider themselves to be the last elected class? Will they lock down DC in a Green Zone fashion? Will they do the same to key locations across the country?

Of course, if implosion brings any of this to reality, the Political Class simply will not be able to remain safe, fed and warm. Food and heating oil and other essentials will have to be trucked in from the ungoverned areas. Those truckers, train conductors and pilots who agree to move the goods needed to keep a Green Zone functioning will soon find themselves homeless and without families.

End of mental meandering. I just don't buy into the concept that the D's are seriously looking for a 2016 political leader. I think they expect a new paradigm in America by then...

Here's the Politico piece.


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  1. A new paradigm is certainly a possibility,if not an upcoming reality. As far as the guy at 1600 now wins in Nov or not,IF we even get to that date, the R or D victor is moot.
    IF we make it to that point whichever "party" wins will continue on this awful path they've ALL had us on for decades. If we "make it" to Spring,i will be pleasantly suprised.
    I don't see that happening......



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