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Monday, February 20, 2012

III Update

Patches: Should be delivered late this week. If we owe you patches (including a few of you who have ordered Tactical Caps w/patches) we'll ship them as soon as we get our order into the shop.

Flags: Ordered. They tell me about 2 weeks until they get delivered to my shop. The day they come in, they'll go out to you.

Radio: Denver - We have noted a 60% bump in traffic to America527.org since Denver started running the ad. The traffic to America527 was never built (we never promoted it), so we are essentially starting from scratch. But there has been a nice bump in traffic, and a few patch orders from hat area, so we are reaching folks.

III Bloggers - keep an eye on your stats and see if you get much from the 527 page. It will be very minor, since most people will only use the 527 page once, then they'll bookmark your site for return visits.

I have not rec'd an audio file of the spot yet, will keep trying. I have tried to use the internet feed for the station, but I can't connect. I suspect it is on their end, I know a few other people have had the same issue.

Radio: Virginia (Shenandoah Valley) Russ at DumpDC is working on our creative. As soon as it is done we'll go live for one month with 3 spots every day on the Alex Jones show. This (I hope) will fit nicely with our ongoing III to Liberty campaign in Virginia to Gun Shops. I wish we had more time before the Virginia Primary to reach more Anybody-but-Mitt voters, but it is what it is.

SHTF Firearms & Go Bag Project: (www.SHTFGoBag.com) This is progressing smoothly. We have many articles in the can, already. Many more of you have committed, so get them in when you can. We are getting good corporate support for the project, but I'll keep those details under wraps for now. The SHTF project is an America 527 project, which means the profits from sales go into the 527.

Fundraising: My deepest thanks to everyone who has donated and/or bought III Gear. Your support has made the Virginia radio ad buy possible, the III to Liberty campaign possible, and is fueling the other efforts we have in the works.

Many of those folks who have donated or bought III Gear have stepped-up more than once, so this next paragraph is not for you folks.

This is to everyone who visits this site every day who has not yet dropped a few dollars: Please consider hitting the Donate button, even if it is just for $10. We'll send you a III Patch (as soon as the new shipment arrives this week) and the few dollars left over will help buy more radio spots, or finance other projects to help build the Movement.

If every person who comes to this site every day (who has not already helped out) were to drop just $10 into the pot, the 527 would have about $10k to work with.

That budget would allow serious work to get done, folks.

NOTE: I do not measure Patriotism or support by the number of dollars you have dropped into the hat. Times are tough, and I know it. If you can't spare the bucks, so be it. But those of you who can, please consider it.

Stay safe.


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