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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In this long train of abuses...we must speak and act for those who are now dead

A visual of LEO Rambo raids from Cato.

I don't know how old it is, but it doesn't matter.

Every facet of the Police State is advancing with a speed that is unlike anything I have seen in my life or studied in history, short of immediate, violent political revolution.

The Enemies of Liberty are coming at us from every angle at full throttle.

Are you ready?

This map is filled with examples of what is coming for you.

Map is here.

UPDATE: Related - NYPD "Stop and Frisks" Hit All-Time High



  1. The purpose of the British Army was mainley what we would call Law-Enforcement. As an example; the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (Black Watch) was formed around 1728 as several independant companies of volunteer soldiers to police the Higlands for criminals. Our modern militerized police forces and stassi like fed agencies ARE the standing army that our founders warned us about.



  2. Probably hard to keep up with events, but someone needs to update the map - living in New Meixco and both watching the Albuquerque news stations and having conversations with an investigator with the Albuquerque DA's office, I must say that LEO in that area take their jobs to the extream (full disclosure: Albuquerque is a very violent city [gang activity] but the city is talking about getting the Fed's involved given the police shoot/kill about one to two people a month)- nice to know they are fully equiped to handle the civil population with massive force if necessary.


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