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Friday, February 3, 2012

Laying the ground for violence along racial and economic lines...

All of this places a heavy burden on people who care about our nation. We must ensure that the 2012 elections are the most open and honest elections in U.S. history. Should Obama lose, I wouldn't put it past leftists, progressives, the news media and their race-hustling allies, as well as the president, to fan the fires of hate and dissension by charging that racists somehow stole the election, thereby giving support and excuses for the kind of violence and lawlessness that we've witnessed in flash mobs and Occupy Wall Street riots.

Walter Williams recognizes where the Left is headed.

The Enemies of Liberty are laying the ground for a final violent push to kill the last traces of Liberty and usher in the most tyrannical Police State the world will have ever seen.

Trust your instincts. Enemies are coming, and even if you do not go out in search of monsters to slay...the monsters will be coming for you. Why? Because you believe in Liberty, which is a barrier to absolute tyranny.

Once you are forced to action, win.

By any means necessary.

I hope all of you have worked through your position on CV. Now is the time. Wherever you choose to draw your line, whatever you decide is acceptable in defense of Liberty, in defense of your life and the lives of your family, in securing a future for your posterity that is not ruled by tyrants, now is the time to reach those conclusions.

Do not wait for the SHTF moment. When large and complex systems implode, it is usually a very fast affair. You may not have weeks of warning. This is your warning period, right now. When the markets crash, it will happen in hours and days, not weeks.

Here is the piece from Walter Williams. He knows where the Left wants to take the country, and he knows what they are willing to do, indeed what they are determined to do, to have their tyranny.



  1. Glad someone else sees it.


  2. When Communist infiltrators tried to instigate the Revolution in the ruins of the Kaiser's throne, Germans turned to the Freikorps. For over a decade they fought the Reds in the streets of their own neighborhood. They took casualties, and even lost Munich for three days, but they were always there.

    The Communists eventually realized that no matter what the plan, they would have to face determined men with guns, and these men were good and killing.

    When the zombies come for you and yours, with their reign-of-terrory style of justice, who will you turn to?

  3. If I could appoint POTUS it would be Prof. Williams. It is a sure thing he would not accept because he is too honorable a man to be involved in a pursuit as dishonorable as politics. God bless and protect him.


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