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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Listening to music online?

One of the most common reasons offered when LEO is asked why they go Rambo to serve warrants and arrest pot smokers is for officer safety against potentially violent criminals.

uh huh.


But in Utah they use tactical teams for...wait for it...copyright violations.

Yes sir, they are serious in Utah.

Here's the link to Balko and the video.

There is an answer for this sort of behavior.



  1. "There is an answer for this sort of behavior.

    Ooh...ooh... I think I know the answer!

    Is it API (armor piercing incendiary) ammo?

    No, wait, that's "crazy" talk, I know...

    Eternal and ongoing submission is the answer!


  2. I keep asking myself what kind of fucking idiot can participate in these atrocities and still call himself a "good guy"...

  3. Speaking of Utah, anyone ever hear another word about the SWAT raid where 4-5 cops were shot and one died? Pretty sure the Coroner has had time to figure out the ballistics by now.


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