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Monday, February 13, 2012

Occupy is coming! Occupy is coming!! (That's my best Paul Revere - sorry, I won't do it again...)

We called it last fall.

Occupy has a plan for the election cycle, and they will bring real heat in the coming months that America hasn't seen since the race riots in the years surrounding my birth.

Occupy 2011 was a test run. And now they are being coordinated by powerful and well-resourced Enemies of Liberty. The image above is from Occupy Oakland. You can count on the Oakland Occupy to be the model for the rest of the country. Not all cities will be willing to follow Oakland's lead...but many will.

PatComs, folks. Get to one. Host one. Then hold one locally among people who could become members of your AO's Tribe. Do not wait too long.

The Enemies of Liberty mean to murder Liberty to make way for their version of Utopia...and you stand in the way.

Here's the link.

By the way: Here is a quote from John Mosby about the Constitution from CA's place - (the first dumb motherfucker that comments on this about how the Constitution was a Hamiltonian power-grab and that anarchy is superior to any form of governance, needs to email me through the blog with their contact information. I will personally pay for a one-way ticket to Somalia, or another suitably anarchic society, in order for you to put your precious, assinine, and unrealistic theories to the test)…

Thank you, John. I'll go half for every ticket you buy. Every single one of us needs to commit to Trainer's advice to reach the goal of Constitutional Restoration as our first waypoint. End of Huzzah!



  1. I won't argue Somalia with you, because you have no idea what went on in Somalia for decades prior to the Clinton years.

    We should discuss how the English, those paragons of virtue, treated the tribal Clans of Scotland for hundreds of years, and the Irish until they threw them out.

    Then we can come to terms with Anarchy rather than chaos.

  2. Pat H. The ruling elite in Scotland had a big hand in how the Clans were treated.

    John, I'll pitch in too!



  3. Pat H.

    Somalia can't be viewed in a vacuum, as if it were always that way.

    Having said that, the big question I have with anarchy is..."who will enforce it?"

    Who will "enforce" complete individual autonomy when the warlords gather their clans? It always happens that way. People always revert to tribes and tribal loyalties, in the end. That means the noble individualist fails, and dies.

    It's a catch-22, and all utopias are subject to them, to include Marxist ones, ones based on anarchy, and Constitutional ones as well.

    People are the weak link, and we will always make sure any utopia remains just out of reach.

    I don't know if that qualifies me for a ticket or scorn from both sides.

    I don't know and don't much care.

    Occupy is, in a very miniscule way, infiltrated. Escalation, misdirection, confusion. Two can play at this game, and it isn't a freaking game anymore.

    Patriots need to confront these people on the street, for real, or just STFU.



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