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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Powerful Republics

The Mayor of a major US City has an army at his disposal (his words), which includes the ability to bring down a suspect airliner (the words of his police chief).

This Mayor has fielded an Intelligence apparatus that probably rivals the capabilities of most nation-states.

This Mayor is hostile toward most of the ideals embodied in the DoI, Constitution and Bill of Rights. He gives them lip service, but his actions reveal the Tyrant.

Very little was made of recent reports about this Mayor using the intelligence capability of his army beyond the borders of his city, indeed, beyond his State. MSM made little of it. The Right made even less of it. And our own community didn't choose to address it much.

Of course I am talking about Mayor Bloomberg of New York City.

Do you think, for a moment, that his Intel gathering is limited to Muslims? Do you think the point-man for MAIG probably has already GPS'd the homes of every gun owner, Republican and Patriot in the same region?

I am an advocate of strong States. Most of us are, I suspect. But what about strong States that choose to defy Natural Laws? Do Patriots allows Tyranny to exist in a State, such as New York, and shrug it off as "Let the people of New York handle it"?

What about the current situation in New York, where the power of the State, indeed the power of the region, falls to a single city Mayor who has the real power and resources to rule an entire State by his diktat, and where his real power extends beyond his borders into the region?

In the sudden absence of the Federal Government, New York City stands as the regional power in the NorthEast. Philly doesn't come close. Bloomberg as Warlord would not hit any major resistance to his whims (or his ability to field brute power) until he hits DC in the south and Chicago toward his west.

In the sudden absence of FedGov, would we see the power in NYC reach to secure the ports up and down the coast? Would New York use economic power to force regional cities and states to bend knee, backed up by the Army of NYC LEO? Would Bloomberg's Army strike out to take physical control of regional powerplants and other vital resources? I think any 30-second review of history, and Bloomberg, would lead one to a yea vote.

In New York, the most powerful man in the state is not the Governor. It is the Mayor of NYC. The same obtains in other major metro areas. And as one looks across the country, those metro power-centers are in the control of the Left, the assets are under the control of the Left. Look at the roll call for MAIG and you get a quick list of cities that will put the assets of power in place against Liberty.

We have all explored this general reality in our community. It isn't new ground, I am offering this simply to bring our minds back to the topic. I want to remind everyone that all action in a Ruckus must be local.

I am a firm believer that Patriots in Virginia can not simply let New York pass or enforce laws that trample Natural Law. I do not believe in No-Go Zones in America where Patriots who choose to exercise any Natural Right must fear the State just because they cross the border from Vermont into New York.

In a world with little or zero FedGov, people like Bloomberg will become the power.

But New York's power does not exist without the ability of NYC to import and export what they need to live. Know your nodes, and Patriots in the rural areas of Ohio and the oil fields of the Dakotas can do work that hobbles the ability of the NYC Bloomberg Army to wage war. Such work will allow Patriots in New York to effectively engage a weakened power structure.

If you live in an area under the influence of NYC and you disrupt your local tyrants, you impair NYC.

If you want to disrupt the power of your local tyrants, be they Mayors or Police Chiefs, simply reduce the concept to fit within concentric circles that radiate from your home at 1 mile, 5 miles and 10 miles.

You can defeat Bloomberg from Brownsville Texas and Veldez, Alaska.

Do you know who and where the Enemies of Liberty are in your AO? No problem is too big for a man if he breaks it down into pieces that are small enough.

Here is Thomas Jefferson's preferred motto for the republic: Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.

You can label what is to come as you wish: Civil War, Counter-revolution, Liberty versus Tyranny, Good versus Evil. It matters little.

The reality comes down to Jefferson's counsel and the patch of ground beneath your feet.

Think about it.



  1. One way to chip away at the MAIG would be to cut down on their membership, both in real terms, and in terms which members still hold public office. NRA, for all that we don't like about it, has had some success on this point. 600 sitting mayors is one thing. 300 sitting mayors is less impressive. Less than 100. with many former members disgraced or jailed, makes it seem like more Bloomberg's personal crusade, rather than a movement.

    Closer to home, I expected to see the mayors of San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and El Paso, or at least some of their major suburbs, on the list of Mayors Against Armed Americans. They're not. Bill White of Houston used to be a member, but he's not a mayor anymore. Ditto the Mayor of Austin. Will Wynn, ex-Austin apparently lost his job due to corruption. Bill White and quit the club while still in office. He might have realized he'd been snookered, or might just gotten scared. I don't know if it matters why, just so long as he's not lending his name to that crap. And speaking of Brownsville, the mayor of that city is a member of the MAAA, as is the mayor of Hurst.

    There are hurdles, of course. As you noted, the list of MAAA is a who's who of big city mayors, with some odd gaps, as I noted above. The machine of the left rules the big cities. Those cities are all supported by their suburbs. The folks who work in New York live in New Jersey and Connecticut, just like the folks who live in Dallas and Fort Worth live in the mid-cities. Trim away some of the suburban MAAA, or support Constitutional Sheriffs in the counties where those cities lie, and that will soften the ground under the hard-care big city MAAA. Even if a given Mayor's job isn't likely to change hands this time around, make a stink about his membership in the MAAA. Be sure to mention who else is in MAAA and why they've gone to jail. The patience for corruption, waste, and abuse in government a powerful force just now.

  2. Thank you. I have long known and called the nypd an "army". There are 40 thousand. They are out of control under hitler kelly. They have always ignored the boundries of nyc. This is due to the fact that they ignore anyone in their way. They will bully other agencies. Since 9/11 they have grown stronger and their power grab has gone unabated, unchallenged by anyone. I knew all this, but you have shed a different light on it. Bloomturd has bribed and bought his way into a third term. There might not be any end to his reign.Those of us who are Patriots here in ny are indeed behind enemy lines.


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