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Saturday, February 25, 2012


SHTF may come in many forms. Many of which will leave cell networks operational, and will not require you to go Ghost or Gray.

In such circumstances, do you have a SmartPhone?

I have an AndroidX, and to be honest it has far more capability than I will ever utilize. I've only recently started using it to keep the blog updated while out in the world.

But in a SHTF scenario as stated above, there are many Apps available for that smartphone that will permit you to eliminate several pieces of gear from your pack.

My Android has a compass in it. It has access to Google Maps, so I can get satellite images of a target or AO with the push of a button. I can download a scanner app to keep tabs on local LEO and First Responders. Of course, full web access. I can add a hands-free widget.

Most of you already know most of this, and probably more. My 9 year old niece knows more than do I. But if you have not yet explored the tactical potential of trading out a standard cell phone to a SmartPhone, do some research, folks. The tactical usefulness of this device is incalculable.

Yes, I am fully aware of the down sides. You leave a footprint. You can be found. If you have your phone in your pocket and have to take out a baddie, walking away will not be the end of the story. LEO will simply look for phones that were active in the area and then interview everyone who was in contact with the local towers.

But, in many circumstances, it can be a wonderful tool.

Add a solar charger and a spare battery to the kit you always keep with you, and you have a very powerful tool.



  1. Good points. Use it as necessary, power down, remove battery.

    They are good tools.


  2. There are even ballistic calculator apps.

    Very nice tools.

  3. Prepay throw aways are an option.


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