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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sometimes I can still be surprised...

UPDATE: Here's another aspect of the same problem from Kenny.

I was out a while ago and had Rush on the radio.

He read a story about Federal Agents inspecting lunch boxes of 4 year olds, and if the lunch packed by mom did not meet the USG's standards, the food was tossed and replaced with FedGov-approved chicken nuggets.

No kidding.

Where does one even begin to rant? Patriots should no longer rant. Just prepare.

I can't be bothered to rant, because the incident simply provides proof of all we have been saying in our community for a long time.

Federal Agents inspecting lunches sent from home. How long before Mom gets a visit from a USDA SWAT Team for neglecting her child with an unapproved lunch?

There is an answer for this, folks.

And if we do not answer this sort of thing in such a manner that generations of potential tyrants refuse to return to such acts, then shame on us. We will deserve the eternal scorn of every child we will permit to be born into slavery and subject to the predations of such people.

You want to end this sort of abuse?

You'd better own a good fighting blade. Gutting tyrants can take a toll on a blade...

Here's just one link to the story.



  1. I swear...I shake my head so much now from hearing stories like this that I'll probably have permanent neck injuries.

    The hits keep on coming. Seems as if these stories get more plentiful as the days go on.

    The bad guys are certainly getting ballsy, ain't they?

    Heard a story from Greece which stated there is an atmosphere of "relief" now that Greeks have finally faced the truth that the shit has hit the fan.

    I can relate.

    Shouldn't be too awful long for us now.

  2. Well said sir...the Gerber mk 2 is my favorite ...

  3. Why do people send their kids to public school anyway? We home schooled all of ours.
    It's become a lot easier to do in the 25 years since we did it too.


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