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Sunday, February 19, 2012

South Carolina: Bad Sheriff

Kershaw County is marked with an X. That's where a Patriot on vacation could find some fun, if he were so inclined...

Here is a link submitted by Mike C. There is a Sheriff in South Carolina who is running his county with no regard to the Constitution. He's set up 24 hour checkpoints in the county for "DUI" prevention.

There were 10 DUI's in 2010...and more rapes, assaults, and thefts.

Folks, there is an answer to this sort of thing, especially in a smaller community (60,000 population) when faced with a department of criminals in uniform.

Handle it now before it gets too entrenched and too powerful.

Here's the link.



  1. As far as I know, the Sheriff is still an elected position. If these people keep hoisting this joker into office, its their own damned fault.

  2. Mr. K,
    There is only one way a common citizen can fight any unconstitutional wrongdoing by .gov agencies and that is with a Federal lawsuit. Don't waste your time or money. I spent 4 years and 10s of thousands of dollars against county .gov for 1st Amendment violations. I won the jury trial. County appealed and Federal judge thre out the jury verdict. There is no justice in an American court. The judiciary is there to protect those in government not citizens.

    So....fighting the corruption gives one only three options:

    1. Ignore the .gov wrongdoing
    2. File a lawsuit
    3. Verify zero and prepare to engage

    Those are our choices and two of the above will not result in ridding Americans of .gov sponsored harassment and tyranny.



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