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Thursday, February 16, 2012

SWAT Team: University of North Carolina

Did you know UNC had a SWAT Team?

I bet they get all the girls.

Here's the story.



  1. Looks like half of em would be in violation of Army Regulation 600-9, height and weight standards. Concurrent training must involve watching re-runs of Man vs. Food !

  2. My favorite part of the article...

    "The others are a pump-action guns that help the shooter with marksmanship without the cost of coil."

    So how much does "coil" cost these days?

    Oh, RECOIL you mean? As we all know, an 870 Remmy loaded w/ 3" 00 Buck as no felt recoil...just like a .22

    Keep drinking the Kool Aid sheeple. We're from the police, we're here to help you!

  3. I wonder if the administration has good liability insurance, for the lawsuits that will be filed when their "highly trained" SWAT team ends up being responsible for the death of students on campus, either by not responding in time (difficult for them to do even while present on campus) or by capping a few students by accident in attempting to subdue an active shooter?

    These fools just don't understand that the many thousands of dollars they will spend training and equipping their ridiculous SWAT team could have more profitably been spent on training students in armed self-defense. For a lot fewer bucks, they could have an instant response anywhere on campus.

  4. Well...I'll sleep better at night knowing that...
    Seriously tho, the comments were cool.

  5. “Was there anything we could have done to stop this?” Well, no. "

    Yes Virginia, You CAN protect yourself from psycho Killers without having to resort to losing liberty. ONLY, the Colleges would PREFER you to be unarmed for whatever deluded reason they choose to state this year.

    Until a vast majority understand that PROTECTION has to start in your heart, we will never be rid of this "protect me" attitude.


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