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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Up Side to the Big Die Off

We will be rid of tens-of-millions of stupid people who ruin humanity for the rest of us.

Harsh? Too bad.

If you are a parasite on your neighbor or society, if you seek to start strife and war, if you seek to impose your will on another human being, if you seek to take the fruit of his labor by the force of government, may you die. Please.

If there is Karmic Justice you will die a syphilitic mess, eaten from the guts out with cancer of the most painful organs and bones, alone and in the misery and squalor you have attempted to impose on others.

I will not weep. I will not offer aid or comfort. I will not even dig a ditch for your corpse.

If you are a bad person, die.

That is better for the rest of us.

And if you can't handle that simple truth, folks, if you are looking for a hero who will make the world a Utopia without hurting anyone's feelings...you are not prepared for the future of this republic, and you have no true understanding of our past.

It's time to face the truth. If you want sugar-coating and promises that the future will be easy and free of pain, that only the worst offenders will get hurt, or even that victory is likely, you are in the wrong place. We deal in realistic truth, and have no time or patience for lies or fantasy, or liars.

If Restoration is an academic exercise and fanatsy for you, or is measured by the price of the WWII canteen you bought at the thrift store, or the snarky letter you wrote to some anti-gun twit, please do not return here.

This blog is for men and women who mean what they say and say what they mean, for American Patriots who will do whatever it takes, by their own hands, to be rid of the tyrants and Enemies of Liberty among us.

This blog is about the deadly serious matter of Liberty. It is not a playground for geriatric, failed Provocateurs and Collaborators or their sycophants.

Be serious about Restoration, or please be gone and do not waste my time.

Restoration will only happen in the ugliest reality you can envision. Ask Selco.

And if we lose, the utter destruction of Liberty will be even uglier.



Over at Sipsey you wagged your tongue about taking me out at 800 yards with your Barrett rifle.

Hey, Sloby - my address is online. Email me and I'll give it to you. Come get some, you coward. Bring your rifle if you wish, though I personally invite you to simply knock on my door and we'll do our thing in the street, like men.


  1. Wtf happened to that guy?

  2. I read both yours and Sipsey's columns daily and have to admit you came out looking like a shithead on deal.

  3. Anon 10:53: Not sure of the ailment, the original caption just said he was covered with boils.

    Anon 06:29: You know Anonymous flames are the height of cowardice, no?


  4. You mean Anonymous, like Kerodin? I just posted Anonymous because I didn't want to go through the bullshit of registering. You keep preaching "Get off the porch, get off the porch". Why don't you get off the porch? You live in the DC area, the eye of the storm, I live in the middle of a wheatfield in the middle of Kansas, 100 miles from the nearest fed office, and I'm constantly sticking my middle finger in the direction of the feds. Besides, while Mike V. is uncovering stupid stuff, like, I don't know, Gunwalker, you're busy selling trinkets like flags and t shirts. I'll keep reading your columns because they're some good stuff.

  5. Anon 10:07 - So...you still don't sign your name? Even a handle? Handles are cool online. My legal name is Christian Allen Kerodin. It's on my driver's license and every legal document I sign. In fact, it's even my name online. Imagine that, a guy who isn't afraid to speak his mind online, using his own name.

    And I challenge you to find one single instance in my thousands of posts and columns where I ever, even once, encourage ANYONE to step off the porch.

    And it will take me fewer than 30 seconds to find your hero calling for his followers to throw bricks and risk death while he remains safely at home in his government-funded La-Z-Boy.

    I can find his calls to kill anyone who tries to take the guns of his readers even faster - right near his posts about how he handed his own weapon to the nice policeman.

    Say it with me: Hypocrisy. Deadly hypocrisy.

    Please bring a serious argument or do not waste my time further. This is serious work we do here. What you call "trinkets" we call cohesion, something your hero works fervently to destroy at every opportunity.



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