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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walter Williams: Nothing will change in Black America, until Blacks change their attitudes

A brilliant piece that lays out the hard truth, which will be ignored by those who make a profit by keeping American Blacks in poverty.

Read it, here.



  1. Outstanding and spot-on, read more of his insight. Another great black author and academian is Thomas Sowell. He is a frequent writer to National Review and American Thinker.
    If this country's black population understood what these great men know and offer as keen insight to the solutions needed, It would be a miracle of biblical proportion! Instead, they are demonized and lionized as Uncle Toms by the for-profit race baiting industry leaders such as Jesse and Al and the entire liberal-progressive "community" and the left-wing media.
    Sadly, nothing will ever change. The Obama machine is the personification of hatred and national racial divide.
    When economic and social collapse does and will occur soon, watch as every city in america turns into Mogadishu in 24 hrs. Within a week they will turn on and eat each other. That will be our "Zombie Apocalypse"....


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