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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Winner always writes the History...

Great piece from Brock's place I read the other day.

Win: History will agree that yours was the moral and just war.

Lose: You're dead, your family is dead or enslaved, and your ideals will die with you.

Here's the piece.


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  1. Left at CA's place:

    As you and your wife are walking to your car in the Walmart parking lot and a thug starts pummeling on your wife and a crowd gathers, are you standing there parsing the reaction of the crowd and how they feel? Or are you doing the right thing? I think for some of us, we instinctively know the right reaction without parsing the crowds reaction and feelings.

    Doing the right thing, whether it brings good or ill to you… is still the right thing. But then again, Americans have lost their moral compass years ago by a smorgasbord of educational and booboisie tube indoctrination. We have spent to long having the other side telling us what and how to think… we don’t remember what and how to think anymore. So here we are now spending time parsing the meaning of “the moral high ground” and “good and evil.”

    And Mike, I don’t think anyone here is advocating the wholesale slaughter of woman and babies for the sake of gratuitous violence. I will say this… when the SHTF, and a woman (or man) is coming my way with her baby in one arm and weapon in another with hostile intent, I am not going to think twice about her baby. Neither am I going to think twice about all the children and babies mingled with a mob intent on taking my stuff. And just to be more clear, when the SHTF, I am not going to care one wit about the FSA and their FSA brood. The best they can hope for, is to stay home… and if need be, eat their children.

    And just to hypothesize a bit, when it comes down to the SHTF, I’m not going to think twice about hitting my enemies command center because their babies are also there. When it becomes between right and wrong, truth and false, liberty and slavery… their babies blood is on their own hands.

    Hell, we are “moralizing” ourselves to… death.


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