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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


InfoWars and others are running with the concept that Breitbart was assassinated and that his "Big Video" has been suppressed.

Do you buy it?

Young guys do drop dead, folks.

I posted a poll on the right.

I am curious to know the sentiment out there.



  1. I would be inclined so, if he did not have heart problems already.

  2. I wouldn't trust Obama or any other hate America traitor if they told me that water is wet. Why should I believe them to be incapable of murder then a coverup?

  3. I think it should be promoted that he was assassinated whether he was or not. It is all a part of putting the heat on a government out of control, blame it for anything one can, turn the people against it, or make them fear it and we stand a better chance of achieving our goals.

  4. K,
    You are on fire as of late.
    I say yes but T.L. is smokin'
    and said it all for me.
    You guys ROCK as usual.

  5. If Sarah Palin killed the folks in Tucson, then BO killed Andrew.
    The Left loves to make it "about " us, so do as TL says, and make it about them. The Left is going to use it as more "Conspiracy Theory" tripe, but just having it out there will make people stop for a second and consider it.

    That being said, back in the early seventies when I was working as in EMT, we lost a 37 yo man to a massive MI. Off course, it didn't help that the ER doc that night was an OB/GYN covering for a real doctor who was supposed to be working.

  6. Andrew Breitbart was one of only a handful figures that prevents the fascistic media from controlling the news. Also consider that Rush Limbaugh had to call in a bomb squad to his home just a week before Breitbart died.

    Marxists have resorted to assassination to silence opposition before, and if you look at how Marxists assassinated dissenters during the Cold War, they love to make it appear as natural causes more than anything else (even accidents).

  7. My father passed at 48 because of his heart.
    If it was known that his heart was bad, I would say no to the conspiracy thing.

  8. It is within the realm of possibility. Insufficient data to make an estimate as to probability.

    It _could_ have happened (which itself is an astounding statement, when you think about it). Why it would have been done - don't know. If it was the Arpaio/certificate thing, I would expect Karl Denninger to drop also at some point (except maybe Denninger's just not big enough to be a threat).

  9. Oh and

    "I think it should be promoted that he was assassinated whether he was or not"

    I can not be a part of or support anything of the sort. We follow the course we do because it is true and right. If it is not true and right, we should not be on it.

  10. Rollory,

    I refer you to Arctic Patriot's work on Moral High Ground.


  11. Yeah I've been having that debate in my head since making the comment.

    There are different degrees here. Obviously in war you need to spread disinformation, and everyone who is the recipient of it is either an enemy or a target to be manipulated. The thing is, it is critical that the good guys retain knowledge of what is actually true, and what is not. If you spread misinformation sufficiently that your own side starts acting on it, you end up falling on your face. You lose the trust of your own side as people start wondering how to sort out the truth and then give up.

    Also, I would not claim the situation has reached the point where it is time to flood the zone with misinformation, or that doing so is at all well calculated, or that trying to do so will be successful. Things are, for better or worse, in the philosophical/discussion stage. Going around deliberately lying about things and confusing matters so people don't KNOW what the actual situation is - I don't see how that helps.

    It seems to me that matters are still at a point where searching out the truth and publicizing it is far more useful than the alternative. And, necessary wartime tactics aside, as a long-term policy I do stand by what I said. Moral High Ground is not an end in itself, but it is an emergent result of the legitimate end.

  12. No, I doubt he was killed.

    His "big video" was of Obama being a racist liberal, and it was released in 2008 on PBS. He just got a few more seconds of it.

    No cover up. No sinister plot was revealed. Obama was promoting anti-white discrimination, that's all. And he consorted with an "extremist". Nothing that's new.

    No reason to kill him, IMO.

    Reality sucks enough...in reality.


  13. Back some year`s ago I had a cousin the same age that checked out like this.The autopsy said his heart exploded like a grenade.The guy one day was the picture of health and the next was deader than a door nail.If Breitbart were not a controversial public figure nobody would even pay any attention to this.Alex Jones has made some damn good film`s that can really educate the unaware sheeple,but when he goes off on one of his silly rant`s,he just throw`s his credibility right out the window.Let`s just wait for the autopsy report,I think he died of natural causes. But then again the shit we`ve seen these fuckin scumbags pull in the last few year`s,??????


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