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Saturday, March 10, 2012

From Toaster: Change

Some might say we have exactly the Government we deserve as a people.

Is not our Government (all levels, from dog catcher up) very much like the overwhelming majority of our Countrymen? How can it not be? Government is nothing but a collection of individuals, and elected politicians, like it or not, are voted into office by people who want them to do exactly what they are doing.

You and I are outnumbered by the mobs. Without principles in the hearts of the masses, we are left with simple Mob Rule. Consider, simply as a mental exercise, how many people would have to leave the country in order for Constitutionalists and other morally sound Americans to be the majority...

The worst examples of people who abuse the power of Government, examples that we always assumed were in other lands, are happening here, every single day.

Let's face the fact: The vast majority of our Countrymen have the moral compass befitting a Third World Country.

Change is coming, it is happening now. How the story ends is not yet written. I have a rough draft in my head - but so do the Enemies of Liberty. And they have the numbers on their side. They possess every advantage...except the genuine Moral High Ground.

Here's the link to Green Mountains.



  1. Thanks for the link and getting this outrageous story out.

  2. Our country has been totally co-opted by those who would rule us with this kind of tyranny. From local law enforcement on up to the Presidency.

    As others have posted on the whole issue of the usurpation of the White House by someone obviously not eligible to run for that office, let alone be elected to it, I will not repeat that here. What I will do is to ask you - if you accept, as do I, that Barry Soetero, aka BHO, has pulled off the greatest crime, the most puissant treason, ever to occur in the history of our nation, what on G-d's green earth makes you think he will quail at refusing to step down in either November or next January?

    A creature who has knowingly, and with malice aforethought, criminally usurped the highest political office in the world will certainly not hesitate to do any and all things necessary to remain there. If the Constitution is no barrier to his arrogance and ambition, what makes you think he won't ignore it this November, and then ignore the 22nd Amendment after that?

    Has it not been written that after democracy comes dictatorship? Haven't we already devolved from a Constitutional Republic to a democracy, beginning in either 1861 with Lincoln or at the very latest, in 1933 when FDR turned us into a socialist "democracy"?

    The center may hold for a while longer - at least in the sense that you will still be able to get your fries Super-sized and watch the NFL or NASCAR or CSI for a while longer - but the end of the Republic has already occurred. It died quietly, in the night, with almost no one watching. As others more articulate than I have already stated, we can try to restore it, but it has indeed already passed.

  3. I agree totally RegT!
    In fact, the last year I have struggled with the fact that our Republic is dead. I came to the conclusion piece by piece, in stages, like a cancer patient accepting the inevitable, until one morning it struck me. Our Republic is lost, gone. Yes, I've been in mourning, but I refuse, absolutely refuse, to roll over. I will not quit loving my family and enjoying the simple things offered to me while I'm still on this blue planet. I will not give up on the ideas of freedom and liberty this country was founded on. Do I worship the Constitution? No, I know that I was born with natural rights that no document or "master" can bestow or take away from me. The Constitution isn't perfect, but it sure as hell is the best game in town. Like K says, if anyone thinks they can do one better, let's see it. In the meantime, I'll step out my back door and listen to the robins chirp and drink in the smell of the earth, newly thawed and waiting for spring planting and be thankful for the time I have here. Be patient Patriots, there IS a time for everything. I know it's hard, it's easy to get burnt out, just step back though, take the time to refresh your soul with something you love and enjoy, because ultimately you will need those memories to fortify yourself when you go to the green.
    Miss Violet


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