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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

III Brand: Zoomie - Vote for the First

UPDATE: I still tend to lean into the wind - I have not heard a different word or phrase that conveys our intent as simply, powerfully, and yes, pointedly and bluntly, as This ain't no fucking game!

I say let's hit 'em with the Chevy.

NRA and GOA can handle the PC crowd, can nibble at the edges of laws and gun control...let us take the direct approach from Jefferson: Resolved, That the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government...and that whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force...that the government created by this compact [the Constitution for the United States] was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself

Sometimes the F Bomb is the best choice in the dictionary...

Either we are deadly serious and will take to the Green, or we are just one more bunch of people worried about what everyone else thinks, as they infringe upon us...

I'll be out much of the day, I'll try to release comments while out in the world.



Folks, Zoomie has built some outstanding art, as most of us have seen over the last week or so. Please don't take it for granted - that is hard work and he is damned good at it. Its value as a marketing tool and message to the Enemies of Liberty is priceless.

Here are three he's whipped together in a 4 x 9 format. Which is your favorite?

Zoomie has graciously agreed to let us do a run of stickers to use as a fundraiser for the 527. I am going to print off about 1,000 stickers on UV protected vinyl - which is suitable for outdoor use. (UV protects from sunlight damage).

We have been reasoned and polite in several of our messages to the Enemies of Liberty. With this run of stickers and with the Poster, I'd like to track more into the FU dynamic. But I'd like you folks to weigh-in. Afterall, this is our Movement, not The Kerodin Show.

Here is my favorite for this run of stickers: It is in-your-face, it is impossible to mis-interpret, it takes only a glance to get the entire message, and it will offend the delicate sensibilities of any Liberal/Establishment idiot who spots it on your vehicle or wherever you leave it - on the train, on the window of a local Dem HQ, cop car...

Here's another:

And another:


Let me state for the record right now - I LOVE every single piece he has created.

Which would you like to see as a sticker, first? And - would you buy one or a few to support the 527?

Please weigh-in.



  1. Sorry K

    Not trying to be indecisive, I like #1 for shock value, a little concerned about "fucking".

    #2 great illustration/message (not alot of shock value) might be good maybe not, the quote needs a larger font/size, it might get buried behind the image.

    Damn I'm about as clear as mud.

    And again, print it and I'll buy 6-12.

  2. Mozart - I am right there with you. My only hesitation, because we DO have to be aware of our public image, at least a little bit. The word "Fucking" - is it too strong?

    I am torn because we are the III and our JOB is to be out there, in-your-face, the guys who mean business and will go to the Green. There is a time to be polite, and there is a time to just say Fuck it!

    But...is there a better word that conveys the same power without losing any impact?

    Miss Violet? A lady's perspective?

    My instinct is ALWAYS to go hard and apologize later, if I have to...

    ...but sometimes that bites me in the butt. That's why I am asking for you folks to weigh in.

    BTW - my poster is gauranteed to offend/insult/mock/ridicule and make Liberals and Establishment suck wind in indignation and lose their minds. I won't run that one by you guys, because if it blows up I'll be the only one catching flak. ;)


  3. Sames thoughts here as Mozart on the fuck. I don't think it will be used as much. Now, for what replaces it, is a good question.

  4. Possible PC replacements for fucking: Freakin', F'n, Damn...


    1. Does anyone know a suitable word from the time period of RevWarI? How would John Parker have said This ain't no fucking game!


  5. Leave it as is, Zoomie is correct, it's too late to be polite with these fucking coporatists, communists, rat bastards, what words will you use when they attempt to round us up. Did it piss you off when the chicago police just arrested the journalist and cameraman because the TBL don't know the BOR.
    Boiling, BRIII

  6. I agree about "Fucking". It suits the message, but unfortunately it allows those liberal cretins to claim we are the trailer trash they want the world to think we are. Not that I care what they think, but it allows them to distract from the message - as they love to do.

    Parker said, "Stand your ground". So, perhaps something such as, "This ain't no damned game. We will stand our ground." Or simply, "We will stand our ground."

    I'd much rather simply say, "FU", but I can't help but wonder if that will push folks away that might otherwise come aboard.

  7. How about for #1 using "Frick'n". Like on Swamp People.

    I think that one would be the primary one to use.

    I also like #4. That conveys a special message.

    Zoomie is on a roll.

  8. Im partial to #3, also with a little larger type. Id want it readable on my bumper in traffic, not just up close at a light, if possible. The f word is too strong and offensive to myself and other "older" folks. An 18th century replacement may have been "bloody"?

  9. I'm not in the habit of doing stuff like this for free, but since you indulged me in sharing that you're striving for both Rule of Law and not Rule of Law...

    "We Mean Business"

    Nice double-meaning, I think, positive with the negative.

  10. I have wrote and rewrote this post several times. Here is the condensed version.

    #1- In your face.
    #2- In your face with fancy words.
    #3- In your face daintily.
    #4- In your face with a smile while I blow your arse up.

    Pick one depending on who you are trying to convert.
    Need more tea, later.
    Miss V

  11. I prefer the George Washington and yes i would buy a few stickers to pass around. Thanks for your ideas, hard work and your dedication to the cause of freedom

  12. Okay, after much debate with "self", #1 it is. But the words on the document need to be darker.
    If you're going to use these to monkey wrench, please wear gloves. ;)
    Miss Violet

  13. I really like #4, like the other guy said' print it I'll buy it'

  14. I just thought of something, my buddy runs an NRA booth and I watched it one day, he was at work. I sold a bunch of stickers that morning at more then he asked, he never told me how much they were. I'm sure everyone of them would sell if I got him to put them out. If there printed, I'll order some just to see what kind of sales he can make.
    Do them all, if possible!

  15. Many of us have little ones in the house, the F-bomb does not need to be used, not that my ten yr. old has never heard me utter the word... it seems to lower the bar.

    After all we would WANT to have the little ones wearing the brand?

    Instead of " This ain't no fucking game"

    How about.....

    Come and Take Them:

    We are No Longer slaves:

    Our Serfdom is over:

    My Cold Dead Fingers:

    The games are FIN:

    Play time is over:

    We Will Hunt Down our Enemies:

    We Will Hunt Down the Enemies of our Nation:

    Beware to all the Traitors of America:

    or perhaps.....

    The List has Been Compiled Trials and Hangings shall begin:

    Beware Washington we are Watching:

    Beware Politicians we are Awake and we are making our List:

    The List for Hangings has been Compiled:

    Beware DC You have Defiled this Document for The Last time:

    Enemies of the Land will be Punished:

    America's Enemies can no longer Hide:

    Stand by DC We are Watching and Preparing:

    Bill Nye

  16. There are still too many people worried about "cuss" words. We have been indoctrinated for years to be PC. Fuck that shit. Print them all, let the individual Patriot choose which message he wants to deliver. Enough of the "please dont say bad words" bullshit.
    Yours in Fucking Liberty

  17. "Bloody" works for me also.

    Hell...in the UK it is the equivalent of "fucking." Ask any Brit, and he'll tell you the word "bloody" is just as crass as "fucking," and would not be used in polite company.

    We can do both. I am a boorish Yankee. It don't bother me none.

  18. Zoomie, like you I'm a Northerner, but some do have a point. A brand that's just gaining legs should leave the cussing out, when established, it's a different story.
    Hell my old lady wants to put a "bitch on board" sticker on her car so nothing bothers me.
    But you do GREAT work!

  19. I love the word bloody...but: This ain't no bloody game! doesn't flow properly, because we do want to leave the threat on the table for things to get bloody, no?

    So how do we phrase it using the word bloody?


  20. This isn't a bloody game...

    I really like that.

  21. I like "no more backing up,not 1 more Goddamn inch"
    The #1 has to be "Come and take it".
    Liberty Valance

  22. Actually, when you see it up there, the "bloody" one doesn't look too bad. The wording also ties in well with the original RevWar time period. Then there is also that subtle play on words...and the edge is taken off the cuss word because bloody just means bloody to us, not the f bomb. What does everyone else think?
    Miss Violet

  23. That's my thinking as well, Miss Violet


  24. This isn't a bloody game

    It's OK, but I also like two of Bill's.

    Play time is over


    You have Defiled this Document for The Last time

  25. I recommend either:

    This ain't no game, or
    This ain't no freakin' game,
    avoiding cussing in either case.

    Rationale: I see the biggest value for the III brand, as Kerodin has articulated it, as being a recruiting operation to sweep in NRA and other genteel types (which I have called elsewhere "lily-whites"). Yes, their very genteelness, in large numbers and in support of PC organizations such as the NRA, has contributed in a big way to us being where they are, but everyone can learn. Once they are in this tent they can be helped along other paths, but they have to show up at the recruit depot first.

    We would like everyone to show up at the door as prepared mentally as all of us are in our various ways, but that just isn't realistic. On the other hand, there is a lot of NCO talent out there in the III, and I am confident that this pool of talent can reach down inside each new "recruit" and inculcate our values over time, regardless of how far along the spectrum each individual is on day zero.

    Some valuable people who might enjoy a non-PC hot-chick poster and will be exceptional threepers later will get totally spun out of shape if their first contact with the brand is the word "fucking". Lord knows how many people get bent out of shape over the word "monkey" or "Che". I know whereof I speak.

    Note that a Marine Corps recruiter doesn't show up at little Johnny's home and start barking around like a DI, cussing or otherwise. I see this agitprop campaign as being equivalent to the "Yes Ma'am, yes Sir, Mom and Dad, little Johnny here will be taken care of, I promise."

    We can turn them into steely-eyed killers and thinkers later and in other venues once we have them in the door. Many of you have sites dedicated to exactly this purpose and do this exceptionally well. And those recruits who wouldn't be offended by "fucking" are still going to be motivated by everything else they encounter, so leaving it off is a win all around.

    Also, although it does have a nice double-entendre to it, I would avoid "bloody" for the unfortunate UK origin. On first read, it sounds like an affectation, like those DJs that try to sound British when they are from Alabama.

    Finally, although it is overcome by events, the train with the Big O sticker on the front not only overlooks the origination of such delights as DHS, it may likely be rendered obsolete by President Bain. We'll still have the III brand to push, but don't want to look like we're drifting around in search of a message later.

    Anyway, kudos to Zoomie for the artwork. This kind of thing has been sorely lacking and beats the hell out of the crayon and stubby pencil markups I've tried to do LOL!

    And huge kudos to Sam for unbelievable initiative in moving this whole thing along with such momentum.


  26. What about

    Times Up...Traitors!

  27. I think you are right, Sam. Fuck 'em. Besides, while it may not be a fucking game, it certainly will get bloody, so the second choice might be better as: "This ain't no bloody game. But it _will_ get bloody."

    1. Reg: I was toying with a similar addition: This ain't no bloody game! But it will be!

      Or something along those lines.

  28. I don't know Sam, I'm in either way "fucking" or not.

    I would just add, yes there are a surplus groups nibbling at the edge, pussy footing around about intent.

    There are also stereo types abound of the trigger happy whack jobs.

    Like I said, I'm in regardless but image is everything, and like anything within the public view it is, much easier to work from the inside out than the outside in.

    Pull the trigger Brother!!

  29. Again, Zoomie got it right the first time, it's time to piss off the commies, time to get their blood boiling when they see that image. Which leads me to, that belongs on a t shirt if your really want to see an immediate reaction, time to get in their face, rub their nose in it.

  30. This ain't no fucking game

    The time for "civility" is long past.


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