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Monday, March 5, 2012

III Brand

Consider this concept, here.

Folks, I am noodling through a few concepts. It is premature for me to lay them all out right now, but I would appreciate it if you'd weigh in as I think aloud. I'll post a series of "III Brand" posts over the next week or so, and your opinion matters to me.

First, let's start with the premise: III

I am invested in the III as the fundamental "tag" for lack of a better label for what we represent, for as Mike accurately laid out the history of the III, I can not think of a label that better fits my mood, my intent, and my determination. The original III were the men and women who took arms and fought for Liberty.

The population in 1780 was about 2.7 million.

Historians estimate that through the course of the war about 250,000 fought at one point or another, roughly 10 percent of the population.

Historians also conclude that at any single moment the highest number of men under arms was about 81,000 - or just about 3% of the population.

These are the men and women who cared enough about Liberty, Freedom and the ideals of the Declaration to take up arms and go hunting to kill the Enemies of Liberty.

Do we have 3% today who would go to arms for the principles of the DoI? I don't think so. But I would have been one of the original III, and there is no better 'Tag' to wear for me today. And, if we work hard enough at it, exploit the weaknesses of the Enemies of Liberty and capitalize on their mistakes, we can get to 3% again. If and when we do, the ideals of the DoI, Constitution and BoR will reign supreme again in America, and we will return to a republic.

So - I am invested in the III.

I am equally invested in the image of John Parker. The Minuteman I have chosen for all of our logo work is The Lexington Minuteman, a tribute to John Parker, who took point on April 19 and was the impetus for that shot that was heard 'round the world.

So - I am invested in that image as a symbol of our goals.

Resist - coined by AP and a moral imperative at this stage of our Movement, in my opinion. The concept of 'Resist' is an evolutionary one. For now we must Resist, at some point we will advance our cause and some other word of defiance or action may become more appropriate for the circumstances. But for now, I think Resist is essential.

As to our logos and material we distribute, I am comfortable mixing it up - some material can have Resist and some can be without, just as some will have our web address and some will not (I'd prefer you not put a "Resist" sticker on a cop car if the sticker has IIIPercent.com on it - I just don't need the raid. ;)

That is my logic this far. Does it work for you? I know some of you insist on Resist, and some of you make excellent arguments against, but we can agree on a mix, can we not?

Now, let's consider the III Brand a bit more. As far as I am concerned, Mike Vanderboegh deserves all credit for re-introducing it to the modern vernacular, and I have said so many times. I also think the III Brand could have been executed more effectively at times. I am committed to using the Brand, and improving it, to making it a coveted association of serious Patriots. To building bridges to our natural allies in the broader gun community, the real Tea Party community, and beyond. I am committed to making it a symbol of pride, a symbol that Americans put on their hats and on their packs that says: I am serious, step away from my Liberty or else. And it can be done with class, poise and dignity. It is sound-bite in length, it has historical value, and it appeals to the pride in every Liberty-minded man and woman who is taught what it means.

Now, for a bit of real-world marketing: To build a brand we need to get out there. We need radio, t-shirts, patches, hats, blogs, websites, posters, books, and several other venues for simply letting people know we exist. We need Ambassadors - people like you who can explain what the III means to those who ask you about your coffee mug, or your patch. And such Ambassadors will reach into the "NRA" demographic by wearing bluejeans instead of cammies, by speaking about the Constitution rather than militias.

Think about this stuff. Please weigh in where and when you wish. There are no Generals or Privates. We are the III. We share one goal if none other: We want to be left alone to live in Liberty.

Give us all your 2 cents about how we get there. We need more people than we have now. We need political legitimacy. Yes, before this is over we will probably be forced to stand on a Green and earn a place in the history books with John Parker. But never forget that people like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin had his back.



  1. Nothing I can think of now, that is different from what you are espousing now.

  2. All I can say is


    You know how I feel.

    I'm good with the image above as-is, and I'm a bit partial to "Resist", but I won't cry either way...


  3. I think your outline works. Different styles for different situations.
    Miss Violet

  4. What's needed isn't a logo, it's action.

    If it's shooting then get away with it.

    I propose making a III open carry safe zone.


    Picking a town with a corrupt, incompetent government and run a full campaign ticket of candidates, constantly pounding on the enemy's faults and once elected, FIRE EVERYONE and hire Patriots. Scrap most or all the local ordnances, encourage entreprenurialism, get the funds listed in that town's Consolidated Annual Financial Report-not the budget-and give back to the community that twon's shysters looted from.

    Broadcast the results and you'll have a peaceable Second American Revolution. And a brand for the Three Percenters.

  5. J. Croft: This deserves a thread. You've just hit on something that I have been thinking about for a long time.


    1. I've been writing about this for years:

      http://freedomguide.blogspot.com look up the two scribd.com books I have embedded on the right; Second American Revolution Victory Guide and Freedom Guide Omnibus.

      You can also go back into the archives from 2004 onward or go to http://freedomguide.wordpress.com

      People look at people doing, getting results-something I've faulted the entire Freedom Movement on since first getting active.

  6. Respond to attack
    Revolt against tyrants
    Recoil and attack
    Retaliate and punish
    Retrieve liberty

  7. From Bill Fletcher: We here in Siskiyou are ground zero in the fed take over.Taking 3 dams out of our Klamath river for the fish,seizing the land by "protecting" it as "Monuments".I expect the shit to start here.So does Hollywood.Lots of bad news round here.
    Good news we elected a sheriff on our side,Sheriff Lopey.On the board of the Constitutional Sheriffs Assoc.Please look into it if you are not familiar with them.It is a angle worth looking into.I know we could get many,many more to rally behind us if we stand with sheriffs deputy's.Think of that visual ,111 flags right next to a county sheriff.Top LEO of the place.Works for me.
    Bill Fletcher

  8. The idea of a safe zone occurred to me as well, but the inspiration was from the most unlikely of sources.

    I was watching The Shield (set in L.A.) and the cops had to go into a poor Black suburb to make an arrest. The problem was that they didn't have a chance of getting in AND out with anything less than a SWAT unit.
    The residents hated the copswith a passion and this made it nearly impossible for the police to enter the area covertly enough to nab their man and exit with their hides in tact.

    Now, imagine a country town where inbound FEDS are spotted by outlying residents with radios. Suddenly the feds find themselves blocked by "broken down" log trucks or get stuck behind infuriatingly slow double-wide tractors.
    Then, when they get to town much, much later, everybody develops a case of amnesia and refuses even the simplest of requests. Gas stations close on the spot. Stores refuse to take cards...
    There are no numbers on the mail-boxes and no signs on the roads (GPS might circumvent this in some cases).
    Most importantly, the townsfolk have all sworn to defend the Constitution, which means that any unlawful kidnappings would result in a swift and commonsense response.
    Radio and cell phone jammers are a must.
    Then, all that's left is to rinse and repeat.

    It would never happen here in Communist Australia, but I still find the idea compelling.

  9. As one who worked for an ad agency for almost 20 years, my two cents about the logo is this: you need the III, you need the John Parker figure and DEFINITELY the Resist admonition. Website optional depending on whether on T-shirt, etc. Keep It Simple, Stupid. One logo only. Make the executive decision, Mr. K. Ultimately, it's yours to make.

    Dee Jay

  10. Dee Jay - Do you think we do harm by offering certain merchandise without "Resist"?


  11. Thoughts on this?

    - Cato, the American.


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