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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

III Gear

We've established a Dealer account now with US Palm for body armor.

What does that mean? If you have been wanting some armor, go to USPalm.com and look at what they have to offer. Pick what you would like to have (They have more than just armor). Get all the details: Size, color, protection level, et cetera, and then email me the list and I'll work out the price.

We'll put together an order and send it in. My first order must hit $500, which will be easy if 2-5 of us decide to buy something from them. As I mentioned in the comment below to Pickdog, I will be buying at least one Defender Handgun vest (IIIA Protection, pictured above) for our gun show table. If we add that to a couple orders from you folks, everyone wins. You'll get gear cheaper than anywhere else, and the 527 gets to place their first order, and US Palm gets to ship product.

They do have minimum profit margins to protect other US Palm Dealers, but I can offer anything they sell as long as we hit the Minimum price. (Obviously, FFL-required gear is not on the table)

So, go check out their gear & send me a list!

Here's their website.



  1. how is this going to work. been wanting some better armor


  2. Pickdog: The best scenario is that we get a few III Patriots who go to the US Palm site (USPalm.com) and decide what they want, then give me the details. Tell me what you want, I can give you the cost (it'll be less than what you'll find at other places) and then we submit our order.

    My first order has to be at least $500 - which isn't hard to hit with body armor. I know I am going to order at least 1 Defender Handgun (shown in the picture) for the gun show table.

    So, EVERYONE go look at their site, decide what you want (Style, protection level, color) and we'll work out a price. Then I'll set up a PayPal button for folks to pay, then I'll place the order.

    We can do the same with the other companies as well, like KA-BAR, 5.11, et cetera. But let's start with armor.


  3. If you hit the site,and look at the 399.00 ASP-C plate carrier,it says it will stop up to 44 mag rounds. But if you watch the vids,they're hittin it with 5.56 lake city green tips,7.62-39,12gauge,and 308 rounds with no penetration.
    So what exactly is the one to get for the rifle rounds? Same package? I dont care about the 18lb weight,i want that which will take the rifle shots,seein how that's what will probably be incoming....



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