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Sunday, March 18, 2012

III Gun Shows as a Media Tool

I have worked gun shows off and on since I was in my early 20's. I have always been entreprenurial. For instance, when pepperspray was new, I bought it by the case and hit the shows. The profits bought me a few toys.

Here's my concept for Gun Shows, and I invite you all to weigh-in.

Gun shows attract many III Patriots who never heard of us. They also attract many "NRA" types, as I call them (most of those folks think we are close to the edge of full-blown radicals). They also attract a lot of LEO, some of which are undercover looking for an easy bust. Many gun show vendors are professionals - it is all they do to make their income - so ticking-off LEO is a bad sales move for them.

I think we can agree that the general III disposition toward LEO is...less than supportive. I may go further than most of you - I think they all deserve a traitors trial.

If I were to set up a Gun Show Model for working gun shows to spread the word about us, here's what I'd do: I'd hire a few local models from whatever city I'm in as eye candy. I've done it before, and I promise you, it makes your table a stopping point.

I'd offer all of our III Gear: Flags, patches, mugs, et cetera. I'd have a banner or 3 that explains, very clearly in sound-bite size, what the III means: Constitutionalists, Liberty proponents, and 2-A advocates.

I'd have for sale a series of gear such as Condor and Traditions and other items, all embroidered/branded with III Logos.

I'd have one saucy lass with a clip board whose sole job is to look pretty, sound like she has an IQ over 100, and convince gunners that if they give up $20 they'll be helping the fight for Liberty and they'd get a patch and an "Official" III membership for a year, along with a list of III sites to visit when they get home.

At every city I'd ask III Patriots from our blogs to join us and help man the booth so that after the pretty girls do their job and stop traffic at our booth, Patriots can explain who we are and where we are going.

I'd use the booth as an educational and income generating point of contact for the 527 and a membership recruiting station.

The down side: I'd need inventory. I'd travel ALOT. I'd have a million more headaches than I have now. (Have you every tried to work with fashion models and aspiring fashion models in a promotional setting? In most cases, roadkill is smarter. I would need bail money in my pocket at all times, because Mrs. Kerodin has a very low tolerance for stupid women who look pretty and think their *assets* are a life achievement). I'd have to coordinate with local III Patriots to join us (though the actual meeting of such Patriots would be the high-point of my weekend). I'd have to handle a supply chain from a constanly moving destination - ever tried getting supplies shipped to you while traveling between cities? I'd spend many nights in hotel rooms.

Gun shows are a risky place for me. Constructive possession and an ATF agent who wants to burn me has a sweet opportunity if I walk in the room. But I can defeat that risk with proper video and common sense.

The up-side: To this day I have never conceived a better way to meet as many potential natural allies for the III in one place. I've simply never taken the plunge.

What do you think? I am ready to give it a go. We have III infrastructure in place. I have set up several wholesle accounts at good vendors, so our tables at a show would have useful, quality gear. A gun show should be filled with natural allies who should have no problem paying $20 for a patch and a year-long membership. We could really advertise our blogs cheaply - I could print good looking postcards with our primary blogs listed, and give them out free to everyone who walks in the doors, so they can surf when they get home.

Not to mention: Gun Shows would make a great setting for quick PatComs...




  1. Nice, I like the idea. You could get other threepers to help depending on the area you are in that weekend. Handing out cards and passing on our message.

    Mike M.

  2. Good idea. Sounds like it would be a beast of a lifestyle though. Would this be in the fall, after your busy time?
    Miss V

  3. Miss V. - I think the Movement is more important, I'd probably juggle both and begin early in the summer to get warmed up and work the kinks out of the system so that when fall hits I can devote full time to the endeavor.

    I'd just have to juggle through the summer.


  4. A great idea, but seems like a good deal of funds will be required to start up, etcetera.

  5. Brock: It would be if I was starting from scratch. Bu we have a head start as I have a fair bit of III inventory on the shelves already. I'd need a few more items, and some III promotional material, but it shouldn't be bad.

    If folks think this is a good path to follow, I'll do a cost assessment for the minimum inventory I'd need on-hand to hit the first show.


  6. If you could do a show or two to find out what sells and evaluate how much inventory an "average gun show" would need and come up with a gun show package for patriots, you could make this a turn key type operation. As far as models go, around here in Ohio any female that has breasts that do not hit their knees weighs less than a buck eighty, and sports no mustache or unibrow seems to capture the average attendees attention.

  7. Craig: You've hit on an idea Holly and I have been batting around, that you just helped clarify. I've been doing back-of-the-envelope notes, and I'm thinking 1-2 footlockers of gear would be enough to run a typical weekend show. That includes hats/patches/shirts/promotional material/Model outfits/etc.

    Rather than me having to personally run around the country, we could do most of the coordination from the computer and ship the package to a local Patriot who runs the booth. Leftover gear could be put back into the proper shipping medium and returned via UPS, or whatever. All we'd have to do at that point is cover costs for the show/models/shipping/et cetera.

    I know that even smaller shows here in the outer reaches of DC (like Frederick and Howard County) will draw 4,000+ through the doors even in summer shows. If we tried a few shows and found we were getting results, we could do real work if we spool up for a strong fall run.

    I don't see any reason that wouldn't work, do you?


    1. My financial picture should improve once the rear belt is back on my bike, I would have no problems purchasing a "kit" and maybe trying to get a table at the local gunshow. There seems to be one in my area about 3 out of every 4 weeks.

  8. If you do it,be sure to have one or two folks ready to video (surreptitiously, if possible) any LEO response to your booth/presence/presentation. Maybe the old trick of having one in the open and obvious, while the other one is hidden. (Forgive me if I am trying to teach grandpa how to suck eggs :-)

    1. RegT,

      Well you chose to ignore my question earlier. Maybe you overlooked it so I'll ask you again:
      1. Are you willing to move to Israel and volunteer for the IDF ?
      2. Are you willing to stroke a large, personal check to the government of Israel.
      3. Are you willing to do 1 & 2 both ?
      4. Why are you willing to shed American blood and treasure for Israel but not willing to put your money and your ass where your mouth is ?

      RegT, you're just another keyboard hypocrite wanting others to support a foreign government with our blood and remaining treasure. You would do well to spend more time at the Huffington Post than displaying here your facade of being III'per.

      DAN III

  9. Maybe some type of synopsis, boiler plate to insure cohesion in the message.

    For lack of a better term something similar to a franchise protecting the brand.

    I think it is a good idea, the other cost that would be incurred would be the rental of a space, sometimes a little pricey. Maybe a joint effort with an RTC group, sympathetic gun store or any like minded folks willing to share the cost.

    We run a Patriot Alliance org. out this way this would be a good match.

  10. Mozart: Expand on the "synopsis" concept for me, please?

    Are you talking about a sound-bite sized blurb on a banner that let's people understand what/who the III is at a glance?


  11. I was thinking something along the lines of an outline for the various folks running the booths for the III brand so as to have a uniform message that is coherent from state to state.

    Nothing to rigid but an overview of key points that get our message across coherently and on point. I don't mean for it to be without individual input, but we are trying to forward a constitutionally/freedom based movement. In theory we are trying to sell, promote a concept. For some of the folks we will be meeting and talking with, time will be short and being succinct in our message will be crucial, like any first impression focus and message are key. This will require a bit of "salesmanship".

    Our government has been quite successful at it.

    A well thought out delivery and message to the various people we'll being talking with might help with key points and strategy.

    Just a thought.

    1. Oh, I get it. Absolutely right.



  12. I like the idea. It's a great place to get out the message. I'm not sure how far down south or west you would want to do this, but I would be willing to work a booth at the Crossroads show in San Diego.

    I am a free man (in the marriage dept anyways) and would be willing to keep a close watch on the models too. Heh!

    Seriously though, I would be happy to work a booth and inform the uninformed.

  13. Is there a reason my previous post didn't pass muster?

    1. Dedicated Dad: The last post I have from you is here: http://iiipercent.blogspot.com/2012/03/iii-wyoming-concept.html?showComment=1331955687709#c4764091203985129966

      on 3/16.

      Unless you are the Anon who asked me to strip out personal contact information? If that is you I simply haven't edited it yet. (I don't have the ability to simply cut part of the post - I have to copy and post in your name with the edits removed).

      Is that your post, regarding recent start-up experience? If so it'll be coming as soon as I can get to it properly.

      I don't really block anything except flames on MBV.


  14. Is there a reason my previous post didn't pass muster?

    DD: The one praising Hussein? Damn, I don't know man.......:)


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