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Thursday, March 8, 2012

III: Hard Truth

I never intended to write columns or run a blog for the Patriot Movement.

By nature I am a solitary animal, and I prefer the shadows to the eyes of the public.

But the shadows are denied me at this point in my life.

I have discussed this in the past, and it is a good moment for a reminder. Many of you were not readers when last we spoke of the topic.

I was poking a very powerful bear and I got handed my arse by FedGov. That was nearly a decade ago and I am long "off-paper" (probation). The residual effects are profound. I know that several levels of Government remain interested in my activities. I know they are in my computer. I know they are in my vehicle (On-Star). I know they watch my bank accounts, my phones, to whom I speak and with whom I meet. I operate on the premise that they choose to see and hear everything I do.

I have skills, life experiences, and a political disposition that makes them uneasy.

What does that mean for you, as a Patriot?

It means you cannot include me in ANY of your reindeer games. Ever. Your own Common Sense should already inform you of that reality. But for those inclined to violate OPSEC and entrust me with your secrets: Do not even think about it.

No, I would never violate a trust.

But how can you know that? More importantly, if I operate under the premise that I am living in a constant spotlight, what makes you think any information you convey to me, in any fashion, can remain secure?

Fact: You do not know me well enough to entrust your life to me having read this blog.

Fact: That is a 2-way street.

Fact: If I do not know a secret, I can never betray that secret.

Fact: I do NOT want to know your secrets, your intentions, your plans, who is in your Tribe, where you keep your prep, how many caches you have, your E&E plans, or any aspect of any reindeer game you may have in play that you would not willingly make public by posting it on a blog.

Fact: You'd better apply that standard to me and to everyone else you "meet" on the internet. There are very serious people who would like to see you in prison or dead for your political beliefs, and if you do not think that is real, you'd better wake up fast.

Fact: The safest place for ANY and ALL of your intel and secrets is between your own ears. Period.

Fact: I have a spotlight upon me and it will probably remain there until I choose to go Ghost or Implosion ruins everbody's day.

Fact: If I ever choose to go Ghost, you will not know about it until afterward.

Fact: When Implosion happens, I will face it with my wife. Period. I assume we will be cut-off from all of you. *Caveat: If I decide to actually pioneer a III community somewhere, that paradigm will shift.

Fact: Prior to Implosion, since I am stuck in the spotlight, I can be an asset for Liberty by standing right out in the open and writing, sharing my experiences and skills, (hopefully) inspiring someone once in a while, promoting the message, finding allies and helping you folks connect, exploring concepts such as we have been discussing about Wyoming, helping focus dollars where they will help, and following the propogandists Models of RevWarI to help advance the goal: Restoration as ratified, and implemented in the spirit of the DoI and BoR.

I can be your public ally.

I cannot be party to your covert, clandestine or private intent.

It simply is not prudent for either of us.

This is not a game. This is not a TV show where a buzzer sounds when you make a mistake and you leave with parting gifts.

Bad People intend to be your Masters, and they will not hesitate to imprison, starve, or murder you and your children in plain sight.

Do not ever let your guard down.

Before this is over you will lose most of the people you know and love today - and they are likely to lose you.

I am a Patriot. If and when I ever choose to go to The Green, I will go, alone. If I am ever needed to cover the back of a Patriot when the imminent happens, I will stand tall. Yes, you can trust me...but you should not trust me with any information that can lead to your being imprisoned, and I will not permit you to make that mistake. If you try to share such things, I will stop you.

Yes, most of you are building 'Tribe'. Great. Meet people and vet them with your eyes, ears, experiences and your gut. Then, run it by people you trust. Then, think about it more. Keep it local, preferably with people you have known for a long time, people who you can watch live their lives every day so you can detect changes and potential problems.

I can tell you something you may not want to know: Most people in your life, even blood, are only willing to inconvenience themselves so much for you. When you have someone who is willing to bleed with you, you have something rare. When you find someone who is willing to bleed for you, you have the finest gift available to our species.

Since I must live in the spotlight, I will do so and draw fire for you as much as I am able. Do not waste this time. Prep and train. What is coming simply cannot be avoided. It is imminent. Economic Implosion is a certainty, and in that ugliness, true horrors will be unleashed based along many lines of Tribe. Race. Religion. Ethnicity. Economic status. Political intent.

Learn to keep your mouth shut and your ears open.

You'll live longer...and, just maybe, one day you and I will be able to safely sit together and swap stories about the Big Die Off, and how we did our parts to help as many deserving Souls as possible to live through it, and for Liberty to prevail.

Yours in Liberty,



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