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Thursday, March 29, 2012

III Patriots: Breathe

The Zimmerman incident has far too many of you engaged and your blood pressure is rising. You are being sucked in.

Many of you know about my Sparklies. In fact, I originally called them "Sparklies of Death". A Sparkllie is a non-issue, a shiney object offered as a distraction to keep your focus split and your emotions involved. I call many of them Sparklies of Death because when you lead with emotion, you can make fatal mistakes.

This Zimmerman business is such a Sparklie. I mentioned it before, But I think I must return to it so our community can stay focused on the bigger picture. The details are in dispute. One thing I can tell you is this: When I have a right to be somewhere and my presence is challenged, I lose my sense of humor very quickly. I also know I feel better with good-hearted neighbors walking the neighborhood with their eyes open. That's as far as I will get into the details, because they simply do not matter to the people who are trying to incite violence.

This brings me to the topic of Provocateurs.

Kenny Lane made one of the most astute and accurate observations the other day on the topic of Provocateurs and Snitches, and you should give it some serious thought. He said (I'm paraphrasing and taking liberties): You are building "Tribe" and alliances based on internet meetings and brief meetings at PatComs. You know the Feds are very skilled at infiltrating our community, and the broader Patriot Movement. You know that the ATF and the FBI have succeeded, several times, infiltrating agents into deep black cover in LCN & Outlaw Clubs - and it is a simple fact that those clubs and LCN have a vetting process that makes the vetting process of the Patriot Community look absolutely elementary.

Indeed, Mike Vanderboegh holds Vince Cefalu, John Dodson and Jay Dobyns in the highest regard, as morally sound allies for the Patriot Community - yet it was Dobyns who is the only (known) ATF Agent to infiltrate the Hell's Angels as a full member.

What does that tell you? These men accept a Government check, pension and kudos for a career of infringing 2A, and the supposed "Merry Leader" of the Liberty Movement has given them the stamp of approval.

So much for vetting your Tribe based on those recommendations.

The point is: You can not trust anyone. If you choose to put your wife in the category of absolute trust, as I have, you do so with the knowledge that FedGov can bring real pressure at her to get to you. And they will if it suits their purpose.

And the guys you meet at PatComs & Gun Shows and on blogs...you really should check the level of trust you are willing to assign people you meet briefly and casually.

You simply can not know what is in their heart, until you take your vetting process to the ultimate ends.

Think about it...and do not let them get you to act stupidly with Sparklies.



  1. This topic came up at the OVM PatCom. I made mention that TPTB are not going to come knocking down doors in the middle of the night immediately. They are going to come at us obliquely, through personal channels, through our bank accounts, through character assassinations, etc etc. The longer one sticks to ones guns, the more they ratchet up the pressure against one.
    Snitches, moles, plants, the like are only one aspect. Your point of trusting the wife is only one point of what can be subverted against a freedom lover. There is no insurance against the tyranny, nor should we try. Vet each other on whatever level one feels necessary. That is all we can do. I do think meeting a person in flesh and blood does far more to building relations of trust than just a word or two on the webs. I know my level of trust of those I have met is far stronger for that fact.
    (and one of the reasons I drive home getting the PatComs spread.)

  2. Dio: Absolutely right - they will come at everyone differently.

    There is a saying: They'll come at you with what you like. If you like money, they'll find a way to lure you with cash. If you like sex, they'll make it happen to bet you into a compromising position. If you like full-auto they'll introduce someone who can get what you want.

    If those obvious tricks fail, and they want you, they'll do the same things to your closest family to sow destruction in the family.

    If that fails, they'll come harder - IRS, for example.

    Anyone who makes it easy, like flaunting 2A, will earn attention for that.

    I think the PatComs are the best answer we have come up with thus far. While you can't be 100% during a brief meeting, a face-to-face is MUCH better than other options.

    I hope people keep going with the concept and we hit 50 or more this year.


  3. While it may be considered a Sparklie, taken by itself, in the context of the racism promoted by the black community for the last two generations I hate to say it but this thing could blow up and fast.
    To those whites sitting in mostly "safe" areas those of us in areas heavily mixed or even majority black this thing is gaining steam. I hear it blaring from car radios, demanding justice or whites must pay. Public air ways mind you.
    So you may ignore it if you like but its getting real down here.

    1. And I feel certain that with the stance the DOJ has taken with not prosecuting "our people" - as with the NBP - and our doubly illegitimate President supporting the "black as victim" meme, the blacks desiring violence will feel quite justified and unafraid of consequences for acting out.

      I agree that is the message to take here is not the outrage over the "canonization" of a young black gang-banger (catch all those gold caps? I'm sure he paid for them from the proceeds of his paper-route), but that this could flash quickly and in a major way. THAT is not a sparklie, but a very real outcome we should be prepared to see happen. I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing some hoody-wearing flash mobs begin to hit white areas in a number of cities. I feel for you folks who are stuck in those areas.

      To digress slightly, I joined CHP back in the early '80s knowing I could transfer out of the cities and into the country. I left the city in '87 and never went back. Wyoming hasn't seceded yet, but I have, as best I can.

  4. Rhodes: It is growing here, too. There is an interesting dynamic in the DC suburbs as well - MS-13 and other Latino groups are using the event to exploit turf issues.

    Keep your eyes open, be prepared. But don't let "them" draw you into a trap or lure you into lopsided circumstances.


  5. Good stuff as usual. Don't forget that anyone capable of getting that deep with the bikers can pass whatever sniff test they get at a PatCon. These are interesting times...



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