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Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm from the Government, and I'd like to correct your facts...

You are a reporter (a real-life paid-for-writing sort) and LEO knocks on your door...at home...at 12:45 AM...to "make sure you have the right information" regarding a story you wrote that the Chief of Police didn't like.

Welcome to the Police State.

Sure, the Chief of Police apologized for his "poor judgement".

But the reporter still got the message, didn't he? As did his co-workers. As did the blogging world, which is filled with many more people who are afraid of LEO than you may think.

And what do you think would happen if you, a Citizen, showed up at the Chief's house at 12:45 AM because you wanted to "be sure he had the right information..." about a case?

That day is closer than many people may think...

Here's the story, sent in by Will.


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  1. Mr K,

    Lock & Load. Ready on the left ? Ready on the right ? The firing line is now clear. Watch your targets....STANDBY !



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