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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lead, Follow, or get the Hell out of the way...

Look across the blogs in what I consider to be "our" Community. By "our" I mean men and women who find they have a LOT in common with the original three percent of Americans (at any one time) who took the field and fought, killed and died in the pursuit of Liberty in RevWarI.

III. That's the label I most associate with myself when I must try to define myself to people in political discussions. I am a small 'r' republican, yes. But even that doesn't say it all, or as neatly as does 'III'.

You see, in my mind, a republican will spend more time trying to reason and coerce and convince people to leave him alone.

A III Patriot will try. We'll even, usually, walk away. Hell, most of us have been trying to find a place to be left alone our entire lives. But we'll swing more quickly than any republican I have ever known. And we'll swing faster than any Republican, Democrat, and even Anarchistic Zero-Gov folk I have ever known. And, well, the Non-Aggression people - I respect your intent, folks. I swear I do. But your enemies do not.

III says: Leave me be, or else.

And we mean it.

Most of us mean it, anyway.

Talk is cheap.

Consider for a few moments the actions that have been taken in the last 18 months or so in our little III Community:

PatComs: Every single one of you, especially the Hosts/Coordinators, have my greatest respect. I include you guys who have run and attended RTC's.

Bloggers: You are our voice. You are documenting our own long train of abuses. You work to keep people aware of the evils and predations of the Enemies of Liberty. And every single one of you people who comment on the blogs, you are our voice as well. You know what you risk. You know you are on a list - or several. You already know you have a bus seat with your name on it, just for showing up. Some guys share their combat skills and advice. Some are expert in everything from auto mechanics to electronics to trucking. Every single one of you add to our collective voice and strengths.

"Thinkers": This is a special category for folks like Concerned American, AP, Dio, Tom Baugh, TL, Brock, Zoomie, Ken Lane, Bill Nye and many others who dare to throw red meat into the ring and challenge us all to engage our brains. You are not afraid to offer controversy. There is a line of reasoning that is very powerful that contends that when we speak and finds gaps between us, we improve ourselves by working to bridge the gaps or fill them in with logic and reason.

Books: Bracken, Baugh, TL, and Royce have published books to challenge you to think. III to Liberty was an effort that included essays from Concerned American, AP, Alvie, TL, Mike Brahier. I added a few tidbits and strung it together, but make no mistake, III to Liberty was a community effort far beyond those listed. Many of you remember that for more than a month we batted around what concepts should and should not be included to help define our political platform. I ran dozens of polls at Kerodin.com and hundreds of you weighed-in to help refine the message. III to Liberty is our book.

I wrote "Our Fathers Weep: It's the Constitution, Stupid!" prior to my finding the III. And now a much wider group of us are working on another book project that is building bridges into the "NRA" community of gunners (our SHTF Go Bag project). This book project has the support of several serious companies, including Gerber, Kimber, Benchmade and more. There will be more before we are done. This is proof that we are gaining legitimacy rather than being lumped into the "Fringe" with the likes of skinheads and keyboard commandos.

Radio Ads: We are currently running ads for our message in two markets, with more coming. One of those markets is completely the result of a III Patriot taking the initiative (and his hard-earned money) and buying radio time and cutting the ad himself.

This project, too, involved many of you who voted that we should go for it. Russ from Dump DC, a hardcore Secessionist, understands that we agree on far more than not, and he and his wife devoted their time and energy and resources to build one of the ads running. Tell me how a Constitutionalist and a Secessionist can work together like that, and not call it bridge-building? By the way - Russ is just a nice damned guy, to boot.

III Gear: We built a logo and we have built a line of gear, from patches to flags to mugs to hats (with more stuff coming) that builds cohesion among us, morale, and gets our message out there when our III Patriots hit PatComs, shooting ranges, gun shops, and eventually, Occupy camps and more. Even the Logo was a group effort, with Resist coming solely from AP.

Media Strike: We've decided to launch a media strike that is deliberately intended to offend the Enemies of Liberty. The format will be a poster and I promise you, it will leave no doubt in the minds of Bad Peaople, FSA, Bad Politicians and Bad LEO, and supporters of all these groups that we think they are Enemies of Liberty and parasitic genetic waste.

All of this is forward action, folks.

I am not a talk-about-it kind of guy who never acts.

I act. That is how work gets done.

We speak of the value of Tribes, and some of you are actually working to build networks of people on whom you can rely when it gets ugly. There is talk of Resilient Communities. There is talk of this, that and the other...much of which is putting the cart before the horse, such as the debate about how bad the Constitution is and how it will be replaced/tweaked after we win and the Bad People are gone or neutered.

Hey, guys: Bad People are still here, multiplying faster than 3rd world bunnies, and any serious objective party will put their money on them winning this thing.

I'll leave others to discuss how they will govern, or not be governed, once "we've" won.

Until then, I am taking further action. Our Wyoming concept hasn't even been given a decent working title yet, because we've simply been toying with the idea. I am now at a point that I have moved beyond "Wouldn't it be cool if..." and I am now committed to making it happen.

Title: III Pioneer Project

Concept: Start a Firearms manufacturing company that will serve as a source of revenue and build a physical community of Liberty-minded folks around it.

Location: Wyoming looks great to me, but it is still undecided.

Location criteria: 1) Low population where a relatively small number of III Pioneers can essentially take political control of a county within a year or so of opening the doors of the company. 2) A state that has favorable disposition to Liberty already codified in law and lifestyle. 3) A state that already has codified into law very strong Pro-2A laws. 4) A state with geography and wildlife that supports a defensible position against any Hordes of FSA who manage to eat through the 'burbs and dare the rougher environs we will choose to call Home.

FedGov & .Mil: The simple fact is that if we draw the concerted efforts of .Mil or FedGov, it really doesn't matter much where we live - eventually they will bomb/burn/starve us out. So, we choose the best place to take a stand, and then avoid contact with their superior force as best we can. Implosion will, probably, put us low on the radar for FedGov.

Kerodin: I intend to make this happen, folks. Mrs. Kerodin and I have agreed. If we are able to underwrite the entire project, we will. (Realistically, that ain't gonna happen within 24 months). So we have decided to explore other means of getting it done.

America527 & III Brand: I would like you folks to weigh in and tell me where you'd like to see America 527 put energy to grow the III Brand. Should we keep going with radio/books/gear? Should we add magazine ads? Should we put together a Gun Show Tour (a very strong favorite of mine) where we can offer III Brand gear and let the gun show crowd know we exist, driving them to our blogs?

Where should we focus our resources? They are not finite. Heck, they aren't even modest!. You'd be surprised how little is left after buying patches/flags/mugs and shipping, then buying a few radio ads, et cetera.

Let me know your thoughts.

Talk is cheap. I will not be part of a Movement that does not move.

How do you think we should keep it going, and growing?



  1. Great article, nice to see cohesion, even though we know their still is a lot of discussion amongst the many different personalities. I am proud to be a very small part of the III community and look forward to our forward progress.

    I think the III gun show tour would be a nice addition.

    I also very much like the III community idea. It sounds promising. I don't know if I can take the leap, bu t the wife and I have been discussing it. The only thing that makes me apprehensive about it is my kids grandparents live so close to us now. Work makes no difference in the thought process, I am a construction worker and could find work anywhere. Could even help set up or build the housing and work shops and then do maintenance on said facilities, etc.

    Everyone keep up the forward progress and many thanks Kerodin for all your efforts.

    Mike M.

  2. What are the results from the radio ads so far? Do we know or is it too early?


  3. Dang, and I thought I was flying below the radar until you named me...

    Yours is another list that I'm proud to be on. I do wonder though, if I'm worthy to be included with the others you've mentioned.

    1. No...you are not worthy. Be gone, knave, and take your Prius with you.

    2. I'm seriously butt-hurt, Zoomie. Sniff sniff.

  4. Radio: We've had the biggest bump from the Denver/Fort Collins area. And it has been verifiable, with a few donations and gear purchases from the area.

    The Shenandoah buy hasn't really blipped the stats, but there have been about 1/2 dozen III Gear orders from within the listening area of the station. I am not sure if those folks were alreasy III, or if they found us through the Alex Jones show.

    So - it is a modest success...but from a business perspective, I think we may be able to get more bang for the buck buy seriously considering the Gun Show Tour. I've mentioned it a few times, but it may be time to get serious about it. I'll write a post on it this evening, so everyone has all the info before they decide finally.

    Good, astuts question, Dan.


    1. Add to this: Stats do not tell the whole picture. The radio ads drive listeners to America527.org. There, they find links to all our blogs - so, really, new folks p[robaly only go to America527.org once or twoce, then begin going straiht to the favorite site they find, like WRSA of wherever.

      I wish I had harder facts.


    2. Thanks. That's a two edged sword. If we have hard data then Opfor has it too - and we handed it to them. There's an upside to not knowing and having the numbers grow quietly.


  5. Kenny: Front of the line, sir. ;)


  6. Should we put together a Gun Show Tour (a very strong favorite of mine) where we can offer III Brand gear and let the gun show crowd know we exist, driving them to our blogs?

    Dang, and I thought I was flying below the radar until you named me...

    Yeah, man that got me too. Don't guess Fuck Obama had anything to do with it, do you.......?:)

  7. I love the idea of the III Pioneer Project, but unfortunately I have some familial issues holding me in PA for a few more years. If something changes with that, I'm all in myself.
    I also like the idea of the gun show tour, but I'm a bit skeptical on it. I stopped going to gun shows because of the overcrowding and the "quality" of the people I'd been seeing at them. Having said that, if the tour is a go and you hit shows near me I'd be glad to come help (it's not as bad if I don't have to wander/mingle with anyone that doesn't stop to talk to us)
    Keep working, those of us that don't have the resources to do the "big" things appreciate it.


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