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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Nature or our Enemies

I think many of us agree that one of the biggest problems we face is the decline of morality and decency in our Countrymen.

The latest example of the double-standard and the true nature of the moral character of the Left is the kerfluffle with Limbaugh and Fluke, contrasted with Bill Maher and his treatment of women from the Right. Will the President return Maher's million dollar donation, in light of his indecent attacks against women?

No matter. You and I understand the problem is fundamental, and nothing will change whether the President gives the money back or not. That isn't the point.

We who believe in the ideals of the DoI and BoR have a Live & let Live disposition...but does that mean we must, or should tolerate people who have no moral code and insist on imposing their will and standards upon us? Consider the Catholic Church fight - do decent, moral Americans, who are not Catholic, have to tolerate, should we tolerate, or should we wage war against people who would use the force of Government to force Catholics to perform acts that they find morally repugnant and to be sins against their God?

The Constitution is not a suicide pact. I don't remember who wrote it. But it means that in the real world, we are not morally or Constitutionally bound to permit Bad People to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.

You and I are beyond the point of being fed up. Most of the people who come to III websites are disgusted with the behavior we find in people who claim to be our Countrymen and people who hide behind perverted interpretations of our Constitution to inflict moral wrongs upon us. They are murdering the republic.

We are not morally obligated to let it happen.

So, we prep. We build our ranks. We wait for our moment.

Those among us who are murdering the republic are a cancer. One excises a cancer to be rid of it. There is no other way. One can not coexist with cancer. It will kill you. You cut it out, even at the risk of dying on the table, because leaving a cancer alone is a certain death sentence. And you don't just cut out a chunk - you cut out every bit you can find, and then you hunt the wandering cells, you use deadly radiation to find and kill them, so they do not regroup and begin attacking you again.

The morally diseased in this country are intent on murdering you and destroying your principles. They intend to have your children and program them to their ends, or they will not hesitate to build a mountain of skulls with your babies.

The ideals of our Founders are already in an existential fight, the Enemies of Liberty are murdering Americans every single day, they pass more laws every day to make it 'legal' to kill or imprison more of us, and they have a plan and the resources and the will to get it done.

It is happening, right now.

Here's the piece on the Bill Maher & Limbaugh debacle. It is only a symptom. The fight is real, it is mortal, and it is engaged.

Given the field of R's, you do understand that there is no salvation for Liberty on November 6th, don't you? It will not matter a whit.

The only question that will be answered on November 6th is: How fast will we be going when we crater.

Forces are lining up right now to clash: Occupy, Tea Party, Establishment, SEIU...

The fight isn't about Liberty, at all. That is not the fight - you see, we (those who want Liberty) do not even blip on the radar. People who want Liberty are not serious players in this fight, for many reasons. The real forces that will be clashing are large and powerful groups of people, all of whom intend to be Masters - they are simply fighting to determine which group will be the ultimate Master.

Liberty has only one, slim chance - that is you and me, waiting for our moment and taking advantage of circumstances to destroy the Evil in our midst while they focus on one another, rather than us.

We will have to be perfect. We will have to be ruthless. We will have one shot at it. We will have to pick our moment, move as one with a common goal, and we will have to win.

UPDATE: Holder argued that a careful and thorough executive branch review of the facts in a case amounts to “due process” and that the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment protection against depriving a citizen of his or her life without due process of law does not mandate a “judicial process.”

Do you understand?


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  1. The left is winning, and winning hard because the conservatives believe that the moral high ground is anything but a trap.

    Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals has turned most of the left into effective arguers because the left has no desire to be the 'good guy' (make them fight by their own rules as Alinsky said) Only a deep belief in collectivism and the will to make it happen.

    The left won this battle because they forced Rush back to traditional conservative 'moral high ground' and he is still losing advertisers.

    Conservatives should embrace 'lowering ourselves to their level' and use their own tactics against them. olarize them, force THEM to hamstring themselves.


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