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Friday, March 9, 2012

New Buttons

**Just got an email that the mugs have shipped. I should have them Monday or Tuesday.


New buttons, folks. They are posted at right as well. Don't forget the III to Liberty cover. Feel free to re-size if needed.

Remember, it all goes into the 527.

Zoomie builds better buttons, but one day Mickey is going to thug him up.



  1. Thanks Sam. Buttons have been updated

  2. Sam: Mickey done thugged me up already. They won't let me print one shirt for personal use, so I made an adjustment.

    Curious...Do you or someone else have a copyright on "III/Resist?"

    Can I run with it for personal use only?

  3. Technically the 527 could probably assert a good argument for trademark, but that just means we can authorize it to be used by anyone - which we encourage.

    So, if anyone gives you any static (like customink.com who did our shirts) you can just let me know and I'll drop them an email with permission. Heck, I encourage the entreprenurial folks to use it, too. Make a few bucks - it all helps spread the Brand, which is good for us all. (Anyone making a few bucks off the image would make me happy with a small piece being donated to the 527, but my feelings won't be hurt if it doesn't happen).

    We are all in this together.


  4. Thanks, man. You're a peach.

    It looks like my second design is going through. Maybe. If it does, I'll get one shirt and wear it. If I get positive response, I'll post it for sale in public. If it sells, I'll send you the profits.

    I know.

    A lot of "ifs"...

  5. Sending the 527 the profits of a hot Mickey? Can we say: Accessory after the fact...? Hell, this conversation probably makes it a Conspiracy! Insterstate Commerce makes it Federal!

    I'm doomed to return to the mountains of Pennsylvania.

    I can hear the guys now: "Kerodin, why are you back?"

    "Mickey Mouse".

    And my legend continues...




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